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Dream gree disco at dream sicle what will yet it working on it i'll be wears all right you too are very nice you're building these players up i really appreciate that i'm gonna come from a different angle your turn somebody down tara howes oil people down here as jason this is not one may well jason because classic jason last year on are ridiculously bold predictions episode said that the carolina panthers that everybody wanted they wanted they wanna cam newton they wanted calvin they wanted devon pontious they wanted john lennon stewart they wanted all these players and i said last year i think they're going to come back to form i think they're going to collapse they're going to be bad picks well i'm doing it again and this time i'm doing it to a team that has even more players that are drafted high in fantasy football i'm calling for the collapse of the washington redskins offense i got a beer and albouy browser dalloz yeah look kirk cousins is you know highly touted in the fantasy football community terrell prior he's also the vvs fancy gluco back last year yeah he was i mean you know the cam newton was the number one quarterback a year before you've got terrell prior everyone's like brother trail brag we're just going to pull them at this point singing the hits you have joshua dying out as the lowest drafted but still high upside you get to seep guy in jameson crowder you have semaj ep run everybody was like he's going to be the rookie running back to break out but now rob kelly looks good there are so many people that are drafted and that's not even mentioning jordan marie probably the best offensive option here but the reality is sorted out there the reality is special that guy i don't believe that the redskins are going to be a good team.

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