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Won't let the key was she had gotten the job and that's her. There is new shot and read. How much gasoline dude did make your eyes would like that? uh-huh she's well. She had been drinking too man. That's sad out despite a local. Lose a job a subway. Now you know she's not going to get a boo boos booze. I started fair Charlotte man to eight thousand dollars from Wells Fargo and then flash their cash on facebook don't know mysteries in April in April while Wells Fargo handed Orlando Hindi Henderson. The keys to the vault federal prosecutors say he paid the bank back by pay himself has only an indictment on sale this week in federal court. The Charlotte man help themselves to more than eighty eight thousand dollars in deposits from the wells. Fargo customers you think ain't going day I've worked with with the the finances that doesn't down to the motherfucking companion. You know date. She was coming up short and it was like Oh a gum come up always on your shift. Somebody's job is to find out what happened either. That or they just Samaya was his facebook friend and it was like now where the fuck this month like. Get eight thousand dollars for housing But yeah you have to eight thousand dollars in deposits from Wells Fargo customers any rigged books in an attempt to hottest new income scream following an FBI investigation bullets rice numbers and started. The mother was organised by nature. Statement cared a couple Zeros and one I don't know Following in FBI investigation Henderson was indicted in late November on more than Thirty Council financial institution Asian fraud and embezzlement and money laundering. Among other charges was more Henderson. Couldn't keep his good fortune to himself. And diamond says chronicle new foul riches regularly social media check of his facebook page shows a veritable photo album of Anderson's nickname AC foes Living live in the living the high life frequently posted in Weiser cashing. His hands or strewn on the floor around him in another series of photographs is visual a is sparkling tackling white Mercedes Benz and July according to the Indictment Henderson drove off of the line at a northlake dealership in Charlotte with twenty nineteen Mercedes that he put now at twenty thousand dollars down on all in one hundred dollar bills hits they goodness we have A. I ain't gonNA say in another photograph interesting whereas a t shirt with the initials. AWB translation a wit being in broke will be inbred. Ain't we being broke I'll make Louis Either category but this shit really process all the processes still live where your job prosecutors couldn't agree more days say hey the process of getting a lay. He was hired to work the cash. While at disclose Wales Location is Charlotte. Two months later indictments Josie begin to the first released. Eighteen eighteen draws or other people's money getting into the nine point insurance. You start a small June twelve took four hundred forty six dollars a love the department alleges a week later. He pocketed two hundred dollars two days today. Four hundred eleven dollars. The amount frequency of the thefts quickly escalated escalated from eight fifty in June. Twenty two July twenty four to five thousand four hundred sixty five dollars and another five thousand six hundred forty seven seven dollars a day later he started escalate welcome in July with his biggest holiday. Eight thousand one hundred dollars. You're gonNA close to Maui. Eight thousand seven hundred on July ten five days later and full moon together. He had a good ads. cookout we know the best steaks five days later he you say his one day high of thirteen thousand four hundred and fifty dollars good God during that period according to prosecutors may regular depository ATM near Work Komo transactions involve large amounts of one hundred dollar bills. All the way out here. I think continue to post on facebook. July fourteen photograph was standing next to a car and a handful of bills at the camera. Who's paying that much? Cash one transplant. And have you heard of a bank one ahead. What is his last sure half? Yeah that's why I got it. What Henderson's late last phase with photographs with the white Mercedes as a backdrop was taking the San Diego? FBI Sem there. December fourth just California Foia Attorney Federal Public Defender. Benjamin Davis did not respond to the RA- seeking comment cash Anderson's arraignment which will bring him back to Charlotte has not been scheduled. Karen guest the race of Orlando Henderson and Shit so cans going with black guy with the whatever that show I yes oh. WBZ's I let's take the chat room. Didn't didn't even need the name on this one black black. So Bo gotta be white right but that shirt says black so black I think dumb ass. Black let capitalist GIN to get into the money everybody man black the correct answer. The is an everyone would decide why y'all got. He was black the way. Did you ever face. I'm sorry I don't think I'd be. Okay give me one second. I'll I'll bring them back And I know again close to the end I might have to start a new segment white. Something went wrong okay. Let's try again. Cool cool all right. This is how my oh my God. That's stag Jesus is this this is obscene. How big stack is we haven't seen it? Yeah I'm waiting on the screen. You let me know in the shells. Darren stopped Ams anymore pictures of his name. I played video again. We just search his name is popping. Yeah I'm still searches searches name Because it's a video and it had his picture in it took it off and on everyone this shit So because again while second but yeah man he was taking pictures with the money man like do you. Don Did you WANNA get caught a smart crime. Lotta Bucar a hundred dollar bills. You know they was like a god is a lot of money. Yeah that's a big ass stack you. He was a surprising happy with a lot of women issues. Trying to get the women. Have you hold this Nigga. Shit Bra my guy. Wells Negro Negro more like the way he was too lax and reducing a lamp at joy is now going to J. against what they call going back to his wells real Fargo wanted to banks that screwed up a black people. Yes sir the hour I we can make a movie I just auction and movie rights. Okay we have have the Orlando Henderson story but make him into a vigilante who go back from the bank like a black people you know people say rose hundreds. That's the other thing. He was getting a shipping. A baby doll you get round. Great eight like thereby definitely thought you so does. That's what I would think. And he was living be who said WHO said admits that. AC was he. A rapper. Doesn't like a out my feeling. AC DOUGH AC fo O so is that AC forty hours what does that AC does. Let me see if I can lick his music is this is this Negga Eh. Isn't it all spotify wonder we might be AC vote. I don't know how you pronounce may dislike that six lacks shit. I'm like I'm so I'm so old and black. I have to like out of this one to always up to now. I don't know what do talk about without the models. The the baby's not gonna I'm good. I don't I don't think he owns spotify guy. He is Yeah Oh because not for is full zero easy. Oh easy not for zero hours forty. I thought it was like forty easy. saw so let's see got his latest releases a bank output. Plenty he has. I'm called straight out of the cleaners. I guess he was cleaning that money. We look laundering laundering. motherfucking changed at Gua- okay. Okay let's see what let's see what he guys so he got this song. Dior got.

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