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About people always wanna talk meatball does he poop you're about the changes food i already know everything about me let's be real it's happening if you guys have figured it out yet meatballs her dog my boyfriend no my boyfriend june bugs so funny but i would like to talk about anxiety because i know you talk about that a bit and you've experienced that which i'm sure having anxiety as an entrepreneur as somebody who's in this quote unstable you know place where you don't really know where the next paycheck is coming from you don't really know for sure where things are going how has was been your experience with that and with anxiety yeah yes so i didn't know what ings eighty was four years ago i thought it was just when people are stressed and if you're listening to this and you've never had a full blown exiled attack bless your soul because it's different if they're very very different full blown anxiety or panic attack is actually i truly believe it's almost the stomach like it's chemical i didn't know what it was until one was it mother's day three years ago i'll always remember the day of course i was in a car and all of a sudden i had my first bone executive and i was in and out of here's therapists acupuncturists mediums joe schmo in the basement who reads aura does anyone in anything because i thought it was dying for no reason and that's really what you think is happening you don't know what's going on you think you're losing your mind it's the scariest feeling in the world and i still to this day don't fully know what happened that day and i've i've released that a little bit because it will attack planner petek it lasted a few hours and then it came back and it lasts three weeks i lived with a panic attack for three weeks sleep i didn't eat ios really scary so a lot of times they only last a few hours mine lasted literally three weeks i couldn't shake the cycle and was the most terrifying thing i've ever experienced i lost fifteen pounds i didn't eat i didn't sleep it was very very scary my family to know is going on i didn't know and it was when the business was really growing fast so that could have been the variable of not processing the upper limit it could have been.

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