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Accused himself when you should have an resisted all trump's pressure we only knew about the public pressure now because of the good folks the new york times and their greg reporting we now know about the private pressure and i'm not a lawyer hair looking we'll be able to speak more eloquently to what precisely constitutes obstruction of justice than i can but i know the crept intent is to do with it and i know that when you're going around we have certain things we folks on a lot jim komi cetera but when you're going to your torney general who's done the absolutely right thing by recusing himself when you publicly say i need loyalty i wish this guy was this horrible decision if he told me he was going to do it i wouldn't made him attorney general and then you're privately going to him and saying i need you to reverse your decision that's a problem and jason johnson the new york times report tonight also includes the president asking jeff sessions to resign or trying to doing it through rights priebus and jeff sessions chief staff tells ryan's previous if there's going to be a request for resignation has to come directly from the president and then runs priebus does nothing in the president forgets about it well yeah this is one of the things that's always been a big irony about this president trump in particular lawrence that for somebody who got famous by telling people you're fired we consistently hear that he's a bit cowardly when it comes to direct conflict with people he he tries to do it through someone else he gets he gets kelly to do what he tries to do it through right he won't necessarily go directly face to face and say it to my face and tell somebody what he wants unless he feels particularly empowered and here's the thing about this i've always agreed you know strangely rudy giuliani that impeachment that may or may not happen but the obstruction of justice case against this president is extreme and when you're you're flunky flack lawyer rudy giuliani is saying i'm actually worried about obstruction of justice that is a real sign why trump has become so unhinged about this because even the people around him can't keep lying to him enough to say look all the.

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