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First segment with Dennis to see a lineman go sideline to sideline when deforest Buckner crushed Lou Gehrig blood gave him the business your mouth to start watering. When that happened. How cool is that? Yeah. And that just kinda shows the force, you know, he he's he's got a high motor. And you know, he he gets that thing rolling. And you know, he he looked he the geared and all you saw was the bottom blunt. I mean, he flipped him over, and you know. He he's a big guy. You know, the force is what six seven three hundred and fifteen pounds. And that's a lot of man, you know, hitting you. And it was it was a great hit. But you know, I've seen not play with a guy named Michael Carter. And he was the fat guy sideline the sidelines. And once he once you get all that stuff going forward and that momentum and the collision I mean once you what you connect with somebody. You know, it's gonna be a good head. But know that was that was good. And it was I think, you know, it was kind of a tone that the defense should came out really early. And I think they did it no set the tone for that football game. And then the fourth quarter just gonna lose. It all was just it was it was hard to kind of watch. And I was sitting there in the studio watching it. And I couldn't believe what I was seeing. But you know, somehow in some way, they pulled out the w and it was it was good. And it almost felt like last week. You know, it was kind of like, you know, maybe you know, it was it was there to win and they could have won. And it felt better to is bad. But yesterday, it was it was seems like it was kinda hard to take that win. It was a. Yeah. You know, w but dang it. It was so many things that it shouldn't have been a w but they came out with at the end of the day that's kind of bad yesterday. You did have a few guys intimate that last week seemed like a win in a loss in this week seemed like a loss in in a win. And obviously the way it went down where Matthew Stafford was able to through the past get to get the lines back into it. The Niners were able to from my point of view. Anyway, get some pressure on Stafford manifested in in a couple of sex to force butter was was a part of that. And then you didn't see it as much in the second half is my read on that accurate. And if so why do you think the pass rush estimates? It wasn't the first. Yeah, you're exactly right in the second half. There was pressure. But when you're dealing with a quarterback that he's a ten year vet and he's gonna he understands where the lanes are to get vision down the field and make a play down the field. So there was brush up the field, but the defensive line they weren't disciplined in their rush late kind of like a kick off or kickoff return. You have rush lane. And once one of those lanes open is when you get the big games on the kickoff for our kickoff returner pipe, and it was the same thing in the second half. They had to rush they were not disciplined into rush lane. So Stafford was able to step up those lane with his vision and throw the ball down the field. And you know, with the way the secondary plant in the second half, especially the fourth quarter. It became kind of throwing catch. Yeah. So you know, he was running around in the second half. He's making plays as we say with his leg with his arms. But you know, the secondary wasn't much of I'm there was only four rushing. You couldn't blitz because you know, there's so many bussey coverage is so many guys. Right free. So you had to hope to get the rush from the front four and they were getting up to CEO, but they just were not splitting their lanes. And he's able to make way down the field, you know, dipping off into the into the into the passing lanes Dennis I posited, the theory that Matt Patricia no-one Garoppolo bit from New England and one marquees good one was out in PETA Scott banged up in the middle of the game. Just kind of said, let's press and plays single coverage. And then rush the passer because Shanahan Garoppolo dice sub zones. I'd I Detroit when told away from zone played man and it really bothered the Niners. Garoppolo didn't wanna throw any pick. So he was holding onto the ball for a long period of time. I mean is that something teams will start doing it? So marquees Goodwin or someone who can stretch the field gets back in the lineup. Yeah. I mean, I think you gotta remember Patricia was that was that New England. And would when when Jimmy was in New England he played against cow Shanahan and a Super Bowl. So, you know, I'm sure he had some things in mind schemes in my, and, you know, you're exactly right. I mean, what was going on these trailblazers that was you know, let let that offense of line getting their protection and then bring some linebacker or a outside linebacker off by late. There were a couple of delayed blitzes where you could see the press linebacker. We're just waiting waiting a whole would open up massive and indeed would shoot right through writing. Garoppolo state. I won't make you do this Dennis. I won't make rod do this. I will do the cheap shot the trail. Blitz was so long that ally herald got a sack. He got. I'm sure Tina Turner recognize that you like got on his hands in need. Looked up to his God. Instead. Thank you. About it was that trail blitz delay blitz. And just wait. Wait, wait. They getting their pass pro, you know, if it's going to be a MAC pro that back or we're going to go out, and then you go, and you know, it was a good game plan in. Now, you know, someone's got a blueprint, and I guarantee you every coordinators, and we're watching that film. And and how they got that offense especially Jimmy Garoppolo kind of uneasy. But there were there were times in the game. If you watch it looked like Jimmy Garoppolo was sitting just flat footed. Yup. I mean, he just wasn't getting rid of the ball. It was he was just sitting flat-footed maybe waiting for a route to open up or down the field or something. And boom there was that. There was that that trail blitz right in his face. And then you can do about it. But there was a lot of times we just kind of sitting flat footed to see Jimmy Garoppolo not be comfortable in the pocket for whatever reason his own doing or the work of Patricia and that lines defense. It was just plain weird to see I do and we're. Talking to Dennis Brown. Former defensive land is suitable winter pre and post game coverage here on kmby are six eighty for all things. Niners tennis. Joining us, courtesy guests line. I do want to tell you Dennis. And this is probably going to sadden you that your thought that maybe what Patricia Matt Patricia did with headlines defense kind of giving some answers to defenses defensive coordinator Anders we'll see here in the not too distant future. Another person. I know said that exact same thing to me on your few shorts minute minutes ago, and his name was Bob, FitzGerald, you and Bob saw that thing exactly the same way. And I just want to say to you. I'm sorry. Dennis Dennis that makes me feel good. And you look bad. So. I was waiting for this great great minds, think alike. Hey, dennis. When you look at Solomon Thomas, and Eric Armstead. You know, is that Rodney our kind of of the belief that the D line is going to set the tone a little bit because they've used draft picks there, and it got younger guys. And I saw DJ Jones plan. I saw Mitchell plan. I saw Armstead Solomon as kind of a worker bee who's in there like by large. I was pretty pleased with the defensive line. But, but I don't know it like, you know, it I mean, give me an idea on on a few dudes that are jumping out at you. In terms of how the Niner D line is planned. I look at it DJ Jones. I mean, he's a guy. I mean, you know, we talked about them in preseason young cat, but he's just a plug in the middle. When Ronald Blair. He comes in. Yeah. That's a good word Sheldon day was in there. But what happens like we talked about? You know, if you start running, you know, early in the game kind of a regiment kinda getting guys in there. Getting divorced to blow getting Eric Armstead a blow and then a fourth quarter. When you've got fresh legs. You got those big old nasty fat off into Lyman that have been working all day, and they're tired, and you get a deforest Buckner who's had a couple snaps off. I mean that is kind of what you're doing. But you need to have depth in depth in that defensive line where a guy can still come and play at a very high level. Indeed, deep DJ Jones has done a really good job is when when he's called on to get in there. Plug up the middle take on that double team and give these guys a blow. And then also our Ronald Blair on nickle package. He comes in there and Sheldon day. So they've got a good group of guys as far as defensive lineman, go and Solomon guy. I think people are kind of you know wins. This gonna happen. For him. I still believe that he should be more of an inside guy. I think it should be pass rushing on maybe a nickel over guard or over a center. I think in base defense. I think he can be that guy who lines up in that slant stance like a B Y did Bryan Young did and just take that gap right away to plug up that hole. And I think Eric Armstead. He put in some work yesterday. I think he's a guy who's got. It's gonna take a lot of reps. You know, he's a basketball guy, the kinda guy, and they want him to be more physical. And and you learn to be physical. You don't just doesn't just come with you. You have to have more reps and do the reps the game has a slow down. So I think you know, I think that defensive line they have the ability to be real special Dennis. I I like football nerd not with Humana. And and talking about a does get talked about the trenches the defensive line, and obviously you have an expert's point of view playing neck, but I also like to do it at least once a talk. I like it when you name. Name drop the old school D lineman. Michael carter. I I heard the flex their guard. But see, you do, you know, the position you played with those guys, you know, those guys I like it when you drop the names, and here's a here's the thing. Dennis let people talk about the salary cap coming into play when they had Montana young and Bono, right? Here's here's my. Here's my counterbalance when they had Jim Burt Fred Smith and Michael Carter. I mean Eddie was stacking up tackles like cordwood, man. Do you understand what the defense of lying room was like what's Merlin, Jim Burt? And Michael Carter, dude. In that ruin that let me tell you right now what any faith tough guys in there. I can tell you that they were compete there were competing at that time. Get on the football field. You walked in the room, you could cut the tension with a knife. I mean, those guys they set in opposite sides of the room, and they didn't talk to each other. And. Yeah. I was a young dude. I was just like, okay. These are all pro bowlers. You know, some hall of famers in air. We've been playing ten years, you know, they all want to get on the field. They're all competitive, and they're all in the same position. And it was intense, man. But it made it made us all play at a at a at a holy a totally different level. Because these guys are like listen when I'm in the game, Kate nothing go along. I mean, there's not one place. You cannot miss because I'm trying to get on the field when I'm on the field. I want a hundred percent from everybody. So. Yeah, you know, Prates rarely stuff. Forget about ready was awesome. We should bring in buffalo wings every Friday for now Rodman on these sidelines. And and I I didn't I'd have to check all your years. But give fans idea of playing in Arrowhead, how crazy that is for for just snap counts or any. I mean, losing your mind because the noise as at physical quality. But what do you think of that building? It reminds me of a Seattle Seahawks. Now, the twelfth men they have in the way this stadium in the way. It's loud up in Seattle. I mean, and and it's and it's equal to kind of a college football game. I don't know if the stands are made out of metal. But you know, when I was in the league, there's two places I've played they got crazy law. That was Washington the old RFK stadium, and Arrowhead, and it's like a college atmosphere. Those folks love their chiefs. And you know, what they're doing a lot the first two weeks or that quarterbacks. I mean, he's he's out of this world, you know, ten touchdowns. I mean, he is he was crazy, but it's a stadium, and it's gonna get loud. And you know, that offense line is gonna I'm sure all week they're gonna they're gonna work on the silent count. But it gets loud in that place. You've done a lot of games there. I mean, it gets crazy allows join the NFL it's eighty thousand people you don't they're all sitting in seats because there are little to basically, no luxury boxes at Arrowhead. It was built in. One thousand nine hundred seventies in the shape of the stadium holds the sound in. I've been to a lot of the new places and all the places that aren't around anymore. Arrowheads the loudest showing the NFL is so now, I'm among friends. So I gotta tell you this era ahead story. They don't I didn't Dennis you get you get a kick out of this because you know, everybody involved, so we're doing we're doing a preseason game in August in Kansas City. Right. And we're doing television so million kina are doing TV, and it is it's like a hundred and seven degrees. So the day before KT, and I say, hey, we are not wearing coat and tie..

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