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It's just wrong and she is a great American great American story. Young Mama, four who bootstrapped her way to owning her own gun friendly restaurant and unseating a five term congressman. As for the 17 76 tweet that touched off the protest, Thompson hadn't seen it, but thought people were reading too much into it. I guarantee if if she said it supported because I know where her heart is on Twitter, Bo Burt denounced the violence of the capital. And double down on baseless claims of voter fraud. In an email to here and now, she said, claims she was trying to give Speaker Nancy Pelosi's location to the rioters are false and defensive. She also defended calling out New York Democratic congressman Sean Patrick Maloney after he said he'd learned a member of Congress had given the rioters a tour of the capital before they stormed it. Robert had said Maloney was implying it was her that we never mentioned her name. Last week, Barber gave her second speech before Congress lambasting the effort to impeach President Trump Rather than actually helping American people In this time we start impeachments. That further divide our country I call bullcrap. Meanwhile, voters in this part of Colorado Seymour divided over Bo Burt than ever. Ray Langston, chairman of the Republican Party in Montrose County, has faith in her and believe she'll learn toe work across the aisle and especially being in the minority party. She will have to one congressman can accomplish anything unless 217 others agree with them, So I really think she will do well and I really hope she does. Kim Cho, over a Democrat in the small town of Crawford thinks Bo Burt is in over her head. It's more about attention and look at me. Than actually trying to help her constituents. But Culver says she still holds out hope that Bo Burt will move beyond all that and figure out what her district really needs for here and now I'm Stina seek And.

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