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Nine nine. We're back on the Page Publishing book club. I'm Alice Stockton row theme. Julie Kellner kept diaries from first grade through senior year, five school and looking back through them. She thought, well what a lot of think if I knew, then what I know now not a bad name for your first book, I grew up in south jersey town called Bedford and growing up. I definitely wasn't the coolest kid. I wasn't the prettiest little girl and I felt like I struggled a lot with not feeling accepted or not really understanding where I fit in the whole grand of grand scheme of things. So a lot of times I'd be really upset over, you know, avoiding into air, calling me day are a girl that I thought was my friend, not truly being my friend talk behind my back. And I just felt a lot of insecurities growing up, and I felt very alone at times and very like, oh my gosh. The entire world, this happened to but really, I'm probably not the only person in the entire world. And that's kind of my thought process with the book came from is hoping that other people might read situations and really to them and think, wow, I was going through a similar situation or. Yeah, I felt exactly that same way. And I'm glad to hear not the only one and life does get better. And it's not as bad as it really does seem at the time. So starting first grade and already right off the bat boy travels. And I'm already way crazy at the age of what is that seven going through different situations of having a crush on the point class getting the courage to tell him that I like him only to have him say, you're not so cool. I definitely don't like you back and feeling deflated and feeling like you're not good enough kind of battling those different emotions. I never reflect even as it goes into my older years, the first time I asked a boy out to be my boyfriend getting rejected in school and feeling like, oh my gosh. I got the courage to ask the boy off for the very first time in my way, friend and couldn't have been less interested in just how you battle those emotions get through the disappointments. And how old is the boy, I think that was toward the seventh grade chanter. The all never forget as a mother, when I became the mother of two boys. That's when I realized why boys weren't paying attention to me in seventh or eighth grade. They're they're thinking about what, what time I going to serve. They're not even trying to hurt your feelings. And yet, so many girls are hurt, by the way boys treat them at that age. Yeah. So what do you want to see happen with this book? I hoping that people at a younger age as well as maybe even older. People could read this book and one, I want I'm hoping people can relate a little bit to my situ. Nations, and I would love for them to read this and see my reflection thirty years old, looking back and see that it's not that bad, and you're gonna be okay. And even if it get you down a little bit. It's preparing for how you're gonna handle situations throughout life, and it's gonna make you stronger and you're going to come out on top in the end and just always had to keep a positive outlook on things. I think it reminds me a lot of chicken soup for the soul. When you read these stories of people going through traumatic events or different situations that you just find a piece of two relate to what's different about my book, is it has. Actual handwritten portions of my diary, so it's you actually reading the misspelled hin writing of a young seven, eight nine ten eleven twelve year old girl, which makes you truly feel like you're stepping into my actual life. I think nice touch Julie. Thank you K L avalanche fears for our future. And she tells us why in our first nonfiction book, entitled, the fugitive of twenty. Twelve we are all fugitives. Now, what is the significance of twenty twelve twelve? Piquet jr. Life will never be the same in this country order world again, and a lot of people predicted out over the years. But I don't take people realized how much it actually did change safe actually it's a lot of change it. I predicted his book now are actually happening in our country. And we are faced with many more changes to come. So it's I call it. My Jonah Baptist book acting to reader to be accountable big truthful admit to what, what is happening. And each one of us had apart at it, what's happening. I think the ones that are suffering, most of the young like from six to twenty five young people have don't seem to have a grounding stand on now. And the suicide rate among teenagers is way up and continue to rise. Because their parents have been too busy. Working and putting food on the table, I guess, to be a real family. And that's one of the things that have to come back. We have to make family's very important in marriage has to become very important again. The rearing of children house to be absolutely essential if we're going to survive in the future. So when I say, we're all injured is now were all running from something from critic. Credit cards to the politics. We don't understand children that we don't understand all of a sudden, everybody has got something that they're trying to escape from state to and there's a Porsche where I do predictions for the future. And in the second part of the book is what we can do individually to start over. It's generally Kay on going on our country right now. And I'm sure you're familiar return Peterson who is out to try to help young men pleading for someone to get some answers to think how to be accountable, how to take charge of their lives. We're facing mini cultural changes if we don't manage his carefully we're going to have many, many years ahead of us that are going to be painful. We have to come back to biblical principles, and people that, that have many Chris. Nations have gotten away from early trading and teaching and we have to come back to the place where we admit to presence of God in our lives. And that this is where the power is at each would doesn't mean run back to find a church someplace. I mean, we just have to get to a place where each one of us and saying, all right, Lord. I don't know if you're real but show me that you are at helped me to walk into the future and manage my problems. All right. Thank you. Marcus west lives. A remarkable life considering an accident that could have destroyed them. Instead, he started writing because he was getting bored. The name of his book, max world, part, fiction Partridge story. He says the horses cows fighting and sex are true. Okay. So tell me about this main character. Mac? Where's mac? What's he doing? He's the one owns a whole bunch of stuff. What's he own owns? The land used to fight and had sex and. Owns a whole bunch of cars cars. He fixes a. How do you get all his money, an invention, kind of like a paint shaker, but it's not for paying for my household goods like your catch aboard Chapa milk. You wanna shake something? Okay. So he got rich, and he bought all these things, and he liked to party, and he liked to have sex, and he liked to travel, and then what happened. He was working he's to be a painting remodeling guy. And one of his employees's he was teaching how the hang sheet rock on top of the ceiling. He dropped it. The guy not MAC and MAC sale off ladder, broke his neck and his back, and that is true. How old forty something? My gosh. So then what happens or get their halo out of here before I got up and then I went to the hospital for a few weeks and wore brace in the body. Gassed may that and lose it everything he's still has his other workers for him. The as the when he got the venture done start thinking about getting that venture and started mansion and that's where all the money came from. And then. He's still doing the painting remodeling and in the end a bodyguard because he was too weak to defend himself and his name was Bruce, and then he got a special attorney, Frank followed me everywhere. Did you come up with something? So you were wealthy for the rest of your life. How did things work out for this guy? Does he learned an important lesson? Give have fun with your life still fun. He can't ride a horse anymore. He likes to get on his yard and has these houses, and he has some land. He is try to live one day to time would not would anything in the always has somebody, you know, around him just in case something happens if he gets five or something, this is just the first one. I've already finished the second one. Okay. You know I'm on the third one right now. And then I got three more after that. That. Series. This is all about MAC, and how he manages to continue finding joy in life, even after he had such a tragic accident years. Yeah. Right. Marcus. Thank you, Charles spring takes notes whenever an idea comes to mind. He's been writing since he was seven, and when his sister passed away, put his poems together with hers, and wrote poetry dead to society. This about romance favorite point called Nana care to fall. Come out, really. Well, when I when I was writing it, I didn't even know what I was doing just sitting down right and stuff. And they just come out of me like perfect not too long. Point. I can't read the short poem from out of the sky. Come maybe four kelpie arrows, plenty this time leaders born, I mean, he shall die prime plenty more on. I leader peeing razor peace with his mini weighing about cruise. No making yet not to die. No man can give him if he never cry. Is that about teeth? Yes. You, you said that you wanted to awaken and bring back life poetry within our society. What does that mean I think it poetry is not a appreciated as much anymore. It's not us like it was a long time ago. And I'd like to bring that back and show people heads needed in this world grains to be more creative more testing in. Do you do? Open mic nights. Like, do you go out and read your poetry to people publicly? Yeah. Have been inhale art show in homo. I read some poetry. They're on me. The anna. How often do you do that on some month? Okay. Do you like doing that? If I got another notebook aboard trio ready ready to be published. Alright charles. That the big step to read your poetry in public, but it's a great.

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