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Jesus my brain the older i get it was making fun of after school specials now i'm blanking too feel like such an asshole in this comes up strangers with candy yes there was an episode where she's in a mall and there's like these cult come up to her and they're like hey do you feel like yes like she's they had no they didn't have to persuade her off we're part of this okay let's go she's just like immediately yeah that's part of what we do on the podcast is like i would be probably eighty percent in usually you would not i mean i i i pretty open to community to finding like minded people it's the it's the harm the murder part of it that i in the group sex a little like not so into but the rest of it i'm cool with futile me once there's a person who's involved in this thing you're doing who's like okay the women can only have sex with me it you're just that should just be the red flags is it's always a massage the minute a friend of mine asked from assange al no one needs to be son you know it's a colt wireless touching each that was the craziest part of wild wild thing by the way for me was the homeless people like i bust in thout it was like six thousand homeless they went all around the country and picked up homeless people because they wanted to sway the voting sheila this is a creepy so there's another documentary that came out two years before while country where sheila is in it it doesn't go as in depth but sheila is seems like a different person she's looks different she carries herself a little bit more stoic and it's almost as if she saw that herself in that documentary and then for while country turn on the charm and everything else it she's ice co old in the other on and that was when i was like oh she's associate path all the all the archive footage of her on like the donahue show and all these shows you like she is a fucking monster she's just cursing and she doesn't care about her public perception until her interviews for wild wild country you're she's turned into this nice sweet old lady where people are like oh she rules sheila forever at she rules and it's like man she not only did she murder she she kept her hands clean she handed the syringe to somebody else thing there's it coleaders aren't stupid they're usually very smart manipulating and yes she up people to attempt murder for her it was the homeless thing it was like literally they bussed in from all over the world like six thousand homeless people with the.

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