Congress, Grant County, Grand Lake discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


To see changes and you want things done Congress needs to change the law the immigration agents in this community are just following the law he says they're studying the issue about the recreation and are in the process of instituting those contact visitations investigators in Grant County trying to figure out what caused a house explosion it happened Sunday at the home between grand lake in Granby deputy Dan Meyer says officials do have some early suspicions we work really well with excel and the gas companies you look for a source to see if it was natural gas or propane or what may have caused it Meyer says no one was home at the time of the blast it caused a small fire in scattered debris from the house on to the road David Kay okay away newsradio Colorado parks and wildlife still hoping to find that black there they've been looking for that aggressively went after a hiker and his Pat CPW set up traps along section sixteen trail in red rock canyon last week in the hopes of capturing and then euthanizing the animal we have received over three hundred calls from the public Justin Paso county about bears and conflicts and yeah this is the first one that we're looking to go try and find it removed again this is unusual behavior from a black bear C. P. W. area wildlife manager Frank McGee says they don't want to kill the animal but have to do to its aggressive nature the high current pets were able to get away with just bumps and bruises police in Houston are investigating after they say a man set off firecrackers inside the memorial city mall setting off a panic in two thousand nineteen it takes only a few words or a loud noise to send the crowd into a stampede in the food court at.

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