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Los Angeles beat Tampa Bay last night for a final score afforded to the Siri's now stands in the Dodgers favor three games to two. The next game is tomorrow. Let's see what's up with your job. Now we've got more freeway closures. This one is for the Santiago Fire. Yeah. Or the Silverado fire. I may have missed type that so they've extended the closure is a little bit here. So the Foothill Ranch area to 41 North, bound from Portela Parkway, all the way to the 91. All those lanes were closed Anaheim Hills to 41 south found between the 91 in the 1 33 All this later closed also. So if you usually take west 91, then head down to 41 can't do that. Keep going and maybe use 55 instead in Irvine 1 33 north between Irvine Boulevard in the 2 41. We're looking at the closure of all the lanes and Portola Hills. Santiago Canyon Road. Both directions between Ridgeline Road and Highway to 41 are close by in the sky has sponsored by injury. Attorney Simple woman super lawyer dot com Jeff with a crash on the 101 Wow, Here's some stuff we can do actually is a very minor problem South one on one, the Hollywood Freeway is what we're talking about here. Before the four level around Glendale. So it's a little small coming down from south of the Hollywood Boulevard but really not to bed by morning drive standards North bound from the four level into the San Fernando Valley, still in pretty good shape as this is a five and south five will slow down to the 1 10 kind of the normal stuff injured in an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com. Just ball KF eye in the sky. You find this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks. Pandemic can't stop one of the most popular calendars in the world. The newest edition of the Australian firefighters. Calendar is out pairing hunky fireman with adorable rescue animals. Sales benefit a number of organizations like the Byron Bay Wildlife.

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