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Protests in madrid barcelona and other cities throughout spain. Twenty four year old nursing assistant somewhere. Louise died after. He was beaten near a nightclub early saturday in a town in northern spain. One of his attackers was heard shouting homophobic slur. The killing brought tens of thousands of demonstrators into the streets less than a week after spain's annual pride celebrations by the michigan countries. Still does not really accept that there are many different ways to love. It should not be possible that just because a person decides to his life loving person of the same gender or loving ever. He ends up losing his life. New european european parliament voted thursday to suspend funding to hungary over its new law banning the depiction of homosexuality to children saying it violates e values principles and law. The vote came one day after the law. Equating homosexuality with. Pedophilia went into effect in the occupied west bank. Israeli forces have destroyed homes in the palestinian bedouin community for the seventh time since november claiming they were built without permits. A palestinian authority officials said wednesday's demolition left. Dozens of people homeless including thirty five children had the this is evidence that the occupation state is carrying out state-sponsored.

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