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Point where we bought our first full phys and our jelly billy their old jelly billy book bins and what a friend and you put in your living room or where did you so by that time we had a this guy that owned a hardcore punk record stores he's joe ferguson a heart on the more record store and it it's called the sound and the fury he had about one hundred square feet in the back that he wasn't using and he was also part of the meet up is trying to start the buying clothes in the food co off and he said why don't we use this face and you guys can the coop containing rent once we have it and and so we opened up shop in a hundred square feet with both bids and three domestic for frigerator 's a couple shelves and what food yeah yeah six hundred member owners just by word of mouth within the six months that is amazing so at the time this happened how many people actually lived in reno reno is a pretty big place but it's a lot of tourists isn't it i'm not quite sure on those numbers i and i definitely like rough out i wanna say there like really three hundred fifty thousand people and now we're over five hundred inc and it's this whole conglomeration reno sparks kind of milled into each other so this whole greater area right right okay and and it's growing really fast now right yes growing super fast right now there's a lot of businesses moving in there's a lot of growth in the outer areas like more towards the rural areas where we get a good amount of our local food here and yes people are filling in filling up yeah so back when you start it though i my my sense about reno at the time was it wasn't growing as fast back then on and and aren't you in a desert like have you have farmers or a growing things around reno yeah we are in the desert some people think we shouldn't even be living here because there's you know there's we have a very short growing season it's cold nights hot days in the summer and then cold winters and it's very radic too so it can be really hot and the winters sometimes or can snow in danbury mum but yeah we do have people that have been farming here for i think one of our biggest farms that we work with latin firms they're out in fallon which is about an hour east of reno they've been farming since the early nineteen hundreds and they're pretty famous their for their milnes ming how the alkaline were alcohol right here right and isn't that isn't those tool nights doesn't bring out the sweetness melons yeah that's true in the berries as well so when we do get berries and good crops of them they're very sweeten can't really beat the ones that we get from over the mountains in california oh short yeah there's i mean there's a lot of people doing he's an extension who houses and greenhouses and all sorts of stuff we have we do have the capacity i'm not sure what it looks like for ratios of of land use and farmers having access to land especially as things still in water but we we do have people growing things we have a a new opera pontic civility in dayton which is about forty five minutes south of reno until they're doing this alaba and the greens and tomatoes and in edible flowers and things like that and they're doing it your round well that's kind of inspiring i mean it could be cause if you could develop a local food shed like that around reno you could do that pretty much anywhere i mean given given the harshness of the climate for growing agian yeah that's amazing it's amazing in an indoor growing it is more water officiant right for the most part yeah the that dating opponents i really proud of.

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