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Equality right now rising on men in a way that is going to make the powerful very uncomfortable because they've use that power the wrong way for a long time and i've always told you i hear in sports all the time i was here it you want a measure summons character put them around adversity and i would say no you want to measure someone's character give them power and see what they do with it because men have used that power wrong for a long time and now angelina jolie and gwyneth paltrow and the powerful hollywood women a heavy shower no no no but even they felt power less i know they are now empowered by what is happening now which is it is okay people will listen people will listen and there will be consequences even to the powerful on this behavior but it's also what's happening in this country where the demand for quality is making the people who have the power very uncomfortable and so they want you to bow but don't meal you bowel but if you meal stand up like the symbolism of this you guys are fascinated by the symbolism of the flag and the anthem i'm fascinated by that space that were occupying where none on a bow bowed before the power neil now get up get up can be so interesting to see how nfl players got to navigate through this they say what if he recited i don't know if he told you about this is why this is not over this is why this feels like it might just be getting started because when i'm telling you what jerry jones did when he put his name in his face on my guys stand.

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