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In Gaithersburg It's 34 in Arlington and 33 in lanham Now at ten 40 a judge has given the green light to a lawsuit against Prince Andrew by an American woman who says he sexually abused her when she was 17 U.S. district judge Lewis Kaplan ruling that Andrew's lawyers failed to successfully challenge the constitutionality of the lawsuit Virginia gufa filed against him in August His lawyers had said that the lawsuit lacked specificity and was disqualified by a deal she had reached in 2009 with lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein That settlement was reached a decade before Epstein killed himself in a New York lockup as he awaited a sax sex trafficking trial A law firm hired to investigate allegations of sexual assaults at two loudon county high schools is now finished with its report But we won't be reading it Loudon town in public schools tells WTO pi it's not releasing the full report or an executive summary a school spokesman says the full report is protected under attorney client privilege and releasing portions would reveal personnel information of identifiable individuals Superintendent Scott ziegler has said that all mandatory reporting protocols were followed and the report was a step toward healing the school community this morning the school system hasn't yet specified how the information in this completed report will help in that healing In loud and counting the log and staying doubtful you TLP knows More than two decades ago a local nun was told to stop ministering to gay Catholics the Vatican had said what she was doing then was wrong But fast forward to today and she's trading letters now with Pope Francis and being thanked for 50 years of work Sister Janine Graham helps run new ways ministry out of Mount Rainier a group that advocates for equality for LGBTQ Catholics and one that U.S. bishops have argued should not be considered a Catholic organization But following some of the Pope's more accepting comments about homosexuality her group sent him a letter asking for affirmation of their work He wrote back And there's been a series of letters The most recent letter from the Pope thanked her repeatedly for 50 years of compassion administering to a group often shunned by the church The church is all of the people of God And we need to hear from all of the people No one is excluded Sister jeanine says if you read the gospel of Jesus Jesus welcomed everyone John Doe man WTO P news Maryland state police are investigating who fired shots and injured a 28 year old woman last night in prince George's county It happened around 9 p.m. on southbound route three crane highway in the area of Annapolis road in Bowie Police say the woman was found inside of her vehicle suffering from apparent gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to call them It's ten 43 It's.

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