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Your favorite stations. Oh, Free U R K E O Yeah. All right. All right. Way air back on a Friday edition of what I call the Vinnie Penn Project Right here on W rko. I've brought it over from Connecticut for this week. On 6 80 am the voice of Boston where it's 617 to 66 68 68 Wanna go toe Massu in though right now and welcome Jim to the show. What's on your mind, sir? Right then how are you? Good. How are you, sir? Good good. I just wanted to make a climate. I think part of the issue is that people probably don't value the religious life. And that's why it's kind of a problem. I think he's blue state governors. What they're doing is yeah. What they're doing. Is this saying what? We don't value it, so we're going to shut down the churches. Yeah. Let me ask you this gym. You think the mosques you think you think the mosques or shut down I don't know. I don't know enough about the Muslim faith. I kind of doubt it, but I don't think they are. But it's not. You know that there was some conservatives that go with viruses shape. Well, they don't want people. Worship God, you know they're against the conservative agenda. They don't want people going to church. I think that's kind of an overreach. I really do, but they don't value it. So it's so it's easy to shut the church's down. But what happened to that time honored separation of church and state? Wealthy. They're holding it back. I mean, they're like holding it back. And they're annoyed and there because they feel they're in a crisis and they have the right to do this, and I mean it's really and you know, what they've done is like you've got doesn't little Meetings like, say, a A meetings where a lot of people stay sober, you know, by attending these meetings and what they did is they said, Oh, no, no, You can't have me It is. You can have meetings online. Well, a lot of people that attend a over the age of 50 or 60, and then I used to doing that kind of stuff online. And you know, But let's keep the liquor stores open. I mean, what's the deal with that? Oh, yeah, That's my exact point. Yeah. Now, are you a church going, man? Answer. Yes. Yeah. What have you been doing? However have you been just watching on television? How have you been? Because I have to tell you there. In a few things that I've Cautiously approached in the virtual capacity, like okay, this is one of my favorite bands. They're doing the concert. Let me see if it's fun to actually watch this in my living room on. I did have a neighbor older gentleman who I used to visit the last house. I lived at who You know, he he couldn't get ready wasn't really ambulatory, so he watched church very loud. TV was on very loud every Sunday and that worked for him because he couldn't get there. But most practicing Catholics, I would say TV is that virtual?.

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