Flynn, FBI, Mr Mccabe discussed on The Mark Levin Show


He praised her is one of the bright lights shining stars in the intelligence community he added that she just kinda got it when it came to the kind of enemy that we're facing in the relationship that was necessary between law enforcement and the military and i just thought she was really a real pro quote unquote subsequently ms grits his lawyer notified the eeoc that flynn and other top officials would be witnesses on her behalf the fbi's predictive excuse me the fbi's predictably futile and laughable effort to preclude such testimony was unsuccessful and mccabe was required to submit an opposing sworn statement to eeoc investigators you see how mccabe has a an had a growing contempt for general flynn did you know about this this was not mccabe only unforced i two weeks after grits filer eeoc complaint mccabe header investigated by the b is office of professional responsibility for time cardi irregularities now that is precious so the opr that's been trashed what's asked by mccabe to investigate ms grits who he forced out this inspired move constituted yet another illegal retaliatory act and pure gold for grits his case for someone with a law degree mr mccabe had made a complete fool of himself now these events unfolded mccain became deputy director of the fbi in that capacity he was a central figure in the trump russia collusion investigation and it was then the cording to reports that he saw a chance to get back a general flynn citing three anonymous fbi employees who themselves fear retaliation circuit dot com reports mccabe expect such intense dislike for flynn that these employees became uncomfortable as the russia probe on quoting began unfold and pressure built to investigate flynn one employee was so concerned that he consulted private legal counsel for guidance despite his underlings concern mccabe plan of retaliation against flint proceeded apace you hear me marco according to joseph degen of other newest member while he's not a member of the trump legal team in any event mccabe setup flynn for the interview that led to the generals indictment for lying to the fbi in an article in the february twenty eighteen edition of hills hillsdale college is in primus magazine delays how they sorted summary of the komi fbi's fake investigation of hillary clinton's unsecure private email server since the moment of truth the.

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