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To the show. My name is noel. Our compatriot matt is on adventures but will return soon. They pulled me ben. Your joined us always with our super producer. Alexis couve named doc holliday jackson. Most importantly you argue you. You are here and that makes this the stuff. They don't what to know. It's thursday if you're listening to this day it comes out which means philo conspiracy realist. You may very well make an appearance on today's show and if you happen not to be on today's show no worries will tell you how to get on air in the course of this show so Stay tuned we're about to hear from the best part of stuff they don't want you to know as as we say always you know. We spend some time scouring our phone messages at one. Eight three three s. t. dwi k We also check in with our email conspiracy iheart radio dot com and we have a couple stories for you today. One of which is close to home for us and has been goering a lot of speculation here in the atlanta metropolitan area. This is a developing story. It is a disturbing one. It may not be appropriate for all audience members. So if you have some kids If you yourself are sensitive to graphic depictions of violence may wanna fast forward about fifteen or twenty minutes but we do believe this is important information and after that will be traveling back to the middle east and to the to the danger to journalist and activist around the world because we had a follow up to a recent strange news piece. This is an important segment this week us so we do hope you tune in a while without further ado knoll. What say we begin. Close to home in moran little too close to home if he asked me actually found out about this through my mom. She sent me a tax. And i don't know how how your folks tax my mom tends to text and big run on blocks where it's sort of hard to separate the different thoughts from rummy for that to the flame texts cause i freak out. I've got some friends who could have just at one. Tax is a block but send like ten one sentence boop boop. Oh that's me ban that's me. Are you sub tweeting. Me from who is thinking. Okay well i do do that and i. I tend to find that helpful because then they can separate the but it is a little stressful when you're seeing them and if you have god forbid you have a monster has this anyway the sound effect or not where it's just like really believability believably bluey. That seems oppressive. But i do it out of courtesy for readability. But my mom doesn't do. It doesn't punctuate either so i think that's part of the problem so it literally is just this giant block of text that i look at and i'm like i don't can't make heads or taylor's but this one did leila for this kind of news i get a i get breaking news updates in as they happen. Which is i think. Necessary to stay informed but also a pretty inhuman sleep schedule as Per usual you know because when this news broke it was rightly terrified for a lot of people just out of has an example of that. A little levity he goes. This is how this came through from my mom. And then we'll we'll talk about the listening to road and she just goes. Have you heard about the murders in piedmont park. Just across the street from preston's house lady and her dog were stabbed to death. She was a bartender and was walking her dog after work. Betsy wasn't kidding. The box of stuff was at least ten pounds if schools open. I bet the kids will have to wear masks. So anyway she definitely lead with the right story And i had not heard about this and that is exactly. This is about This story did come to us from from my mom initially but also from 'em a listener who goes hey guys. I'm sure you're well aware. But there appears to be a serial killer in atlanta as i was reading this i obviously couldn't help thinking of wayne williams and the atlanta child murders and hearing the topic of your podcast today felt eerie bama's referring to a previous strange news episode recent strangers episode Where ma- brought in the story about new dna evidence. In the william wayne williams case the atlanta child murders case and then she sends a link to a local. Tv station w. already ws story. On the case piedmont park is a big greenspace here in atlanta And it's true. A young woman was killed by stabbing when she was out walking her dog. And i don't know it my incorrect in thinking that's kind of considered to be a relatively safe part of town. It goes back and forth With cyclone crime. But i in general Piedmont park has hours of operation. So you're not release boosted. Be there after dark. I like many people have Taken advantage of the somewhat lackadaisical security to hang out there at night a. But there's a reason that these parks have specific hours. You know you would depending on where you live. Followed conspiracy realist. Your neighborhood. parks may have sun sun up to sundown rules. Which are basically. They're not nine to five hard hours. they're just if the sun's up the parks open the sun's down. It's closed this. This came as a shock to a lot of people however because As he said piedmont art is known as a big central gathering space. You know it's home to a lot of big concerts There are a lot of people who celebrate milestone events there. It's the picnic spot for a lot of folks To inject some levity though when you do go to atlanta if you're looking to have a picnic without a huge crowd try the jimmy carter center. They have a hidden garden in the back. And it's free to go. They also have a koi pond. This is the stuff you know if you're a local but to your point not to derail as cheer point yet. Pima park is huge. A lot of people use it and it was. It's generally been considered a safer area. Yeah and then he not to be too inside baseball or regional but it is just interesting the way Information the story to me is more about information and disinformation spreading because Geena win the story first came out. There's some details around. That are quite chilling again around one. A m The woman in question catherine janice who's forty years old. Her body was found Slain multiple stab wounds along with her dog. Why are you gonna kill the dog. That's just cruel and there is a Ten thousand dollar reward seems kinda low that investigators are offering for identifying the suspect. And we said cereal. And we're gonna get into this but there was a second one as well Woman was found shot to death at yellow river park in.

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