China, Europe, Edps discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Great question i mean it's a very very tactical move seen as paternalistic us edp chest stated a release this morning in portugal they said that the bid undervalues they company and that was expected as we reported late last night and it is really really an opportunistic move very tactical very smart by china's three gorges manuel tucson pack that why you say it's it's very tactical very smart wh it is it is because we're seeing lots of consolidation in the utilities power industry in europe we saw the deal between w e ian on g earlier this year and edps's beta five crown jewel in europe right there are very few utilities that are the size and the quality of edp so now for for for china to do this deal it's a great moment because all their players are a little bit distracted take for instance in italy we holy talion elections being so political as it is these industry or take gaza terada of staying with exchanging shareholders see this sticks out i mean first of all you're going to get a superior that they're whining that they want more money will we get a superior offer is that a possibility but for me it's the politics at play the chinese bidding up and taking a whole of european energy houses i can see this becoming very politicized do yes definitely i mean utilities power a political gets i agree and i mean portugal get sex utilities can't be sexy no not at all they are very very important to to all of our daily lives so even the signal doesn't sound too exciting it is indeed because it affects all of us in our daily lives but but no to your point about about politics we need to bear in mind that china and portugal i've had a very very long term relationship doing the you know the the the crisis differential crisis which really hit really hard portugal we need to remember that china came in and helped portugal by buying acids and by investing in the country so portugal deems china with a high regard and and they could actually have the blessing of the portuguese government to do to do to do these deals so yes it's a good point that you made and we need to to go back a few years to understand the.

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