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Okay and they require very different. Frameworks to understand. And if you think therefore that you get emergent properties from the interaction between neurons that are connected and at that and it's very interesting. What david said when he said use that reputation in other words. It's very important that the nervous system from the inside is using that simplified sub space to do work it's not just us epistemological scientists from the outside. Just simplifying things for our say and this is not a new concept computer. Scientists have noticed for a long time that in a high under high rachael system. You omit details so that you can do control with a simple object right not the computer scientists them. It's not the computer scientist. The computer does okay. So in other words once you take this notion of emergence an interactions which generate objects which are the control objects for hierarchical system and the physicists have known this on the computer sides for ages. it's not that new concept merhdad. Actually i agree completely with with david. I think it convinced me that there was a clue and intuition that could be given by looking at these intervals in this state space Mud at himself in one of his articles. Talks about the fact. That if you want to understand how it works and you want to actually design a clock so it works for itself. You need to have things like cogs springs. He's emergency shaped objects that you construct a club with you. Don't talk about the atoms that make up the springs all cogs. That would be a very strange way to design a clock so he might add himself. Makes that point that these are not just epistemological objects to explain her clockworks. Your friend this is the type object that you need to construct a clock so that it works. And all we're saying is at agra emergent properties lead to ontological objects which the system uses from the inside and that is not something that is news to people outside of neuroscience so the so the low dimensional manifold type objects dynamical objects that..

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