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Here in the uk the social media john facebook has been hit with the equivalent of six hundred sixty thousand dollars in penalty in a fine all centers around the cambridge analytica scandal you may remember cambridge analytica was a political advice firm which improperly it was decided got hold of the personal data of eightyseven million facebook users it was a scandal exposed by the media and britain's information commissioner elizabeth denim is now accusing facebook of not protecting user data enough failing to be transparent about how it shared information with third parties little bit earlier i spoke to elizabeth denim here in the studio and asta whether it was the job of journalists only to expose wrongdoing rather than well a supervisory agency like hers it can be discovered by whistle blowers reported by whistle blowers or or discovered by by journalists but oftentimes as a regulatory authority we receive a complaint or we know because of our own intelligence gathering that something's gone wrong it was journalists that uncovered the story at the beginning and we have been looking into political campaigning and the use of data for over a year so we've issued an update report tipping quite concerning as well actually in terms of the level of interference can i ask though about the money particularly what is the point of a fine when the fine is such a small proportion of the money available to the to the company i mean it's a pinprick for facebook is it just a principle partly a principal but we were limited as a regulatory authority to five hundred thousand pounds in our old regime so this infringement happened before may twenty fifth twenty eighteen if it were to happen today day we have up to four percent of global turnover as a as the highest fine so you can see that we're we've been given significant new finding powers and so it's a shot across the bow to online platforms to facebook that they have to comply with the law and we think this was a serious infringement again it's not all about the fine i think it goes to the reputation of the company it goes to concern of users about the how the level of safeguards for their own personal data important message but a message the fine to be effective has to deter you're not just trying to prove an academic point saying something wrong was done there we are that's on the record you want to deter now let's talk about the four percent i mean i hope my stats are right but four percent of twenty seventeen turn of facebook would be one point six billion dollars as a fine compared to a six hundred thousand dollar fine i mean it just exponentially enormous would one point six billion dollar fine stop doing it again and we'll a six hundred thousand dollar fine stop them doing it again i think the six hundred thousand dollar fine makes a difference and facebook has already begun to change seeing china i've seen change i also think that with the gdp are in the more significant fines an additional powers that we've been given such as stopping processing altogether affects the business model of these tech giants and i i think the gdp are i think the the the drive of consumers in the concern of consumers to have control and transparency of their personal data is a step change in this environment globally this is a massive issue in the future but one point six billion dollars will achieve its aim you think that that level of fine that's a massive fine again that's our maximum fine rice the maximum fine now that was elizabeth denim the uk's information commissioner explaining why why the bigger sort of gdp all this europeanwide data protection protocol which allows two percent or four percent of turnover the year before to be the fine fixed on offending companies time now in london is eight nineteen in the morning and let's say hello to matthew kenyon with the sports good morning once again bill casey frost beat belgium by goal to nail in the first of the world cup semi finals last night shyamalan tt with a header from a corner to go through to the final on sunday against either england or croatia belgium manager roberto martinez said afterwards the attitude of the players was brilliant we couldn't ask for anymore it was a really tight game we heard from our franz fan half an hour ago sounding very confident indeed ahead of the final so what about the second semifinal tonight england against croatia it really is a fascinating match up lots of.

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