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Eight forty W H A S. And welcome back to coast to coast whose embassy. No with us. Of course, as we talk about her updated book called the secrets of the universe. Universal laws. Susan, what do they mean to you? Oh my goodness. There's a lot of different versions of the universal laws. I was introduced to them years ago. When I read a book called Hawaiian magic, which is no longer in print and doctor. It was written by Dr Dr Clark Wilkerson. He lived in Hawaii. And he wrote about the thirty three cosmic laws is what he called them. And what I included in. My book is a selection of ones that can really relate to just about everything. I can't remember exactly how many put in here. I think eleven of them. But but it's interesting 'cause there's some are lists of eleven some have twenty two. They're all very fascinating. And they're not manmade their laws of the universe. And that's what makes them so special looking at the universal laws at what point? Did you start researching them as you got into this? I think you know, I read it as much as I could on everything, you know, starting from way back in school when there was hardly anything out there. But it is amazing because and I think too, you know, when the book the secret came out, and they did a movie that really brought a lot of awareness up to the fact that you know, that the law of attraction is a great law. But it's not the only one there are there are many. And when we talk about universal laws. It's not just the scientific laws of physics is it. No. Yeah. I don't think I mean, it's definitely included. But I it's hard to say like where did they come from who came up with it? Because god. Did it? Well, yeah. Exactly the creator, which to me has an amazing sense of humor. The universe. Always does things to make me laugh. I'll tell you that right now. But the the the laws are amazing when you you learn about them more because like the the law of karma, which is also the laws I'm causing effect. What you put out comes back to you. And a lot of people don't realize that everything you talk about and everything you put out. There is connected to you. And it will only come back to you. Let's talk about the the creator for a moment. Inasmuch as you have said that it has a personality. What do you think the creator is at this point in your career? What have you deduced from that? Wow. That's okay. I think the creator is the power of love that. And it's hard to say, I don't look at it. As a person, I look at it as a force because of course, positive energy creates negative energy destroys and the only way that we can be in the physical universe is to have both positive and negative. You know, he's made everything is made up positive and negative. I kind of look at it as a computer that doesn't judge? If you will let's say, you pray and you put your your thoughts out there. And what happens is those thoughts the universe? I think that's why I say it's very non judgmental because there's nobody up there going, you know, my God, you know, she keeps complaining about this. So don't send her that anymore. And unfortunately, you get what you complain about. Because the universe will send back exactly what you. Put out. I will. You know is that called karma. Yes. Well, yeah. Someone would call it karma and some karma. You know, is I I don't believe that you incur karma per se. Unless you know, it's all in the intention, you know, somebody explained at one time like how do you incur karma? And they said, well, let's say you're running for a bus, and you shove an old lady out of the way to get on the bus. Well, you just incurred a little bit of karma. Let's say you're running for the bus, you bump into her and knocked her down, and you didn't mean to Dr into the boss. Yeah. Hopefully, not. But if you didn't mean to then you don't incur the karma. Because it wasn't your intent. The knocker down. It has a lot to do with your intentions. Why why did you do it or what was your purpose behind it? Why aren't we taught these laws? Why did we stumble into them? Or we learn them eventually, you know, reading books like things that you've talked about. Well, you know, and I don't want to go up against organized religion. Go ahead. Really? But as a child, I was baptized confirmed Lutheran spent a lot of time at Catholic church with my girlfriend, so I've got kind of both worlds. And when I was a child at pretty much taught me that, you know, God judged, and if you did something bad, you know, things we're not going to be good for you. And it it instilled a lot of fear in me. And I think that that you know, going all the way back to the biblical times. How do control a lot of people is with fear? Right, which call is that how they developed hell. Well, yeah. I mean, I think that that definitely it exists having exists Aleksis. But a lot of people believe it's right here. I mean, there's a lot of places the planet earth that have got to be really close to hell if it's not the real thing story about your son in the two years of memories of being on the Titanic. Oh my goodness. Okay. That's an amazing story. Well, my son, Jamie. He was four years old at the time. And we went out one night when the Titanic was on HBO. It was nineteen ninety six and we left him with the babysitter. And we came back that night and found out that he had gotten up at the end of the movie, and she let him watch the end of the type. Panic with her. And I'm thinking to myself. Oh, okay. Probably not what I would have said a four year old down to see. But. Okay, thanks. So the next day. My son has only wants to talk about is the Titanic and not about the movie per se not about the people in the movie, or you know, how the movie ended. It was. It was all about the mistakes that were made in building the ship. For years old. Yeah. I mean seriously. He was what I did. Because he loved to draw, you know, we have an art desk, and he had all the Krantz and everything that you'd ever want. See always drew for two weeks after the he I saw the movie for two weeks. He drew painted or you know, watercolor every medium through the Titanic probably up to fifty times in the first two weeks. Now, did you find that surprising? Obviously you did. Well, it didn't take me long to figure out that he had to have had some connection to the ship. It was to two bathrooms. Yeah. No, he knew things that you know. I I didn't even I didn't even get what he was talking about. When he first started talking about things he was talking about the boiler room. You know, how the men died I because the doors came down and trap them, and he used to wail about that he used to cry throw themselves in my lap and say, mama, mama shouldn't have happened. It shouldn't have happened. It was now did you think for a moment at all those Susan that there could be something wrong with him? No. I believe in past lives, and he had already had a past life memory before this about working on the railroad. When he was about three he was very specific about working on the original railroad cars that were built in Wyoming. And he didn't he couldn't even pronounce Wisconsin at the time. So I found out that the original train cars were built in Wyoming. So when he started the Titanic thing, which is about a year later, I knew immediately. And of course, my husband and my sister or my daughter at the time, nobody nobody believed me everybody was like that's ridiculous. But I'm thinking, you know, and he when he was drawing to he was drawing from memory. He wasn't drawing from pictures. That's even more compelling, isn't it? Oh, it's insane. He has. He he drew one pencil drawing that still haunts me to stay. Because what he did is he he he worked on it for a couple of days, but he brought it home from school. And it looks like if you took the Titanic and cut it sideways, you could kind of see inside of it. And he had every floor every room every coat hook every door every ladder. I mean, I did to this day. I cannot believe that that kid drew. That sounds like he was the architect of the ship. He definitely had something to do with that. I think that 'cause he was he was overcome with the fact that it was it was all stupid mistakes that that caused the ship to sink this. He's still talk about this not really because he is actually. He's gone a little bit into politics. Even though he's majoring in animation at scattered here in savannah, and he told me that in future interviews, he's gonna deny everything. Really? Growing up. Well, which is which is interesting because don't most parents when their children have these experiences kind of sweep it under the carpet. Okay. Yes. I mean way too, many people don't listen, you know, they think that they got it from a cartoon or a story they read, and I really encourage people, you know, especially parents because it does start the manifest around the age of two to four that they start bringing back memories. And there's so many compelling stories out there of these kids were there. There's no I mean side from my son, you know, that one little boy that remembered that he died in euros EMA during World War, Two Leninger. Thank. Yeah. Some like little lad James his name was James. And he remembered the the Concorde plane. Yes, yes. And he remembered the aircraft carrier he traveled on tires used to blow out. He said when they landed. They apparently that was a trade secret. Nobody knew that in the he mentioned it, and they checked it out. And he was right. Oh my God. I know when I saw his story. It was funny. Because history was the pilot story for the TV show ghost inside my child. Yes. And it aired about a year before they actually started casting wasn't your son story in a to it in the first season. Yes. But when I saw the pilot I made my son watch it, and I said these guys have to have your Titanic story. And then I forgot about it again for about a year. And then I once again synchronicity, I'm on the computer one day and Huffington Post comes up producers of ghost inside my child looking for stories. That's fantastic. Call them up. And there we go. I love it. I wanna talk when we have some time coming back from the break in calls about some of the ghost adventures that you have taken which include trips to Gettysburg. That's gotta be pretty haunted. Oh my goodness. If you want activity you need to go to Gettysburg because you will not be disappointed. Why is it though that? Most children forget their past lives or Loewen and taken out to the desert and his wishes for granted. And granted though, okay? Yes. Why would you steal a body? Well. I'm sure the fighting something certain certain ways, you could do that. Joe in Monterey, California. Go for Joseph. Oh, okay. Great stories. I have a synchronicity a music synchronicity story. But I'll wait till after I s if we have time coming up to the top. Yes, exactly in your work. Have you run into in Kannada.

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