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Of sixteen after beating steffi graf in iran sanchezvicario to win the gold medal ten in tennis at the barcelona games in nineteen ninetytwo really honored to have her here i know she has hit some personal hurdles on her way here but we are glad to see her all right look here's the deal if you're ever on the cover of a magazine a national magazine at thirteen it's going to go downhill there's just no way around it asked leeann roms we know we know how this turns out and so fortunately jennifer capriati has had some tough times but she was also that magazine cover was on my wall and my house because i wanted to be her i thought if i can just get my backhand to do like little tiny jennifer with her five head that's what we say here around the podcast you group like all jamie's missing his a backhand and she would be a wimbledon jordan gordon levitt is told me that several times jennie garth is also here tonight she won twice in the mid nineties for her portrayal of kelly taylor on ninety two oh and really it's the only ginny in the history of the pageant to ever spell her name j e n n i e which is very controversial very controversial blazer real trailblazer lastly jamie a jennifer hudson user tonight in honor of her win in two thousand seven for formats in dreamgirls until she's also performing her legendary rendition of an telling you i'm not going later in the evening but just for the nominated jennifer so that's a really exciting event for people look forward i love that she's just going to do it in a room of sex and just be like in the back and that jennifer aniston will probably be the best i think it's part of the competition right who cannot look awkward at gentlemen men while she's singing i'm told that's the most important part of the competition seems it seems like it would be for sure he has a quick break talk about one of our new sponsors and kind so quick question have you ever tried a kind bar.

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