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Let's talk about a bit of a scientific breakthrough. Scientists have for a while now being able to genetically modify goats rabbits or chickens so that the animals produce protein therapies in their milk or their eggs now. Researchers at the world famous Roslin Institute in Edinburgh inserted a gene into chickens. So the chickens lay eggs which contain a very important extra protein, or too which could be used in drugs to boost human immune systems. One of those behind the researches started. Lisa herron. Delighted to say she joins us. Now talk the Herron first off. Did I get that? Right. Pretty much is fair introduction. Thus far. I just wanted to avoid the the correction from the expert. So tell us what Jean did you insert into the chickens where and how we have a couple of different genes, actually. So we inserted one called interferon. Alfa two a the super team is presence in most animals, and we put in the human version. And this can be used to treat viral diseases such as hepatitis and certain cancers, and we put another protein called CSF one which boosts a particular cell in the immune system, and we have both a human and a pick version of we should say, you're you're not just sort of putting listen to feed. So it comes out in the egg. You'll actually inserting this somehow into the genome so what so the it gets reproduced replicated. So we we use a special non replicating virus to insert the gene into the DNA of the chickens said that it expresses permanently. But we also use a different part of the gene called a promoter, which is a bit of DNA that tells that protein exactly when and where to express so that protein only comes out in the weight of laying hens right fascinating. So then you have the eggs, and obviously chickens lay eggs how much protein is in the eggs. I mean, how scalable practical factory is this. It depends on exactly what we're talking about. But our best one can lay between one point five and three grams of protein per liter, and that's quite a lot for this particular protein. That's quite a hefty dose. So we're right. So that's like the equivalent of a part of a dose Hoffa does a dose is that big. It's yes. So about three eggs would probably be enough for a normal adult male. Oh, right. Okay. And as I understand it they lay, you know, two hundred and fifty three hundred years. So that's really quite low. What what's the what's the eventual result of this? Are you going to see factories full of chickens producing eggs, which have usable proteins in them. Is that way you're driving towards yes, potentially? So we don't believe that the chickens are going to ever completely replace the current systems that use cells, but there are certain proteins, which the cells can't make as effectively as the chicken. And so we look to particularly target those proteins which have therapeutic potential, but have maybe been a bit too difficult to make himself is it expensive to make this stuff. Normally for the pharmaceutical Jeff choice cheaper to use the chickens to do it that could be a way to go. Yes. That's what we're looking at fascinating. Lisa. Thank you very much. Indeed obsolete Saharan of the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh. You're listening to Newsday from the BBC World Service with Lawrence Pollard, and Alex Richardson, the main headlines this hour caught in China has jailed prominent human rights lawyer who defended some of the country's most. Marginalized groups and the UN has renewed warnings about the threat of famine in Yemen. As a ceasefire between the government and the rebels comes under pressure. Let's get the sports news now, Matthew Kenyon ally. Aleksei Chelsea assistant manager gem Franco's owner is still hoping eighteen year old Callum Hudson. Avoid will stay at the club despite handing in a transfer request. And despite by Munich having made a bit of around forty five million dollars for the young star. He scored in Sunday's SRI nail FA Cup win over Sheffield Wednesday in England that send us the hold is through to the last sixteen. I suppose it could have been his final action for the club's Spurs out of the FA Cup. They lost to nil to Crystal Palace. The draw for the fifth round is later on today. You can get all the details in sport today at nine thousand nine hundred thirty GMT will also tell you about the first of the semi finals at the Asia Cup that Japan taking on Iran later and LeBron James once again, Mr. L LA Lakers game. This time against the Phoenix Suns at sixteen games in a row is Mr. the groin injury. He is practice full training. The Lakers didn't need him. They want it yesterday. Matthew kenyon. Thank you. Can you believe neither of us made any jokes about chickens and eggs with so serious where we do? So everyone else was it'll cracking up behind the glass, but we didn't wish good Goodyear extraordinary. Let's move on. It's sixteen minutes past the if in doubt in a time check, that's always the actually we're going to talk about glamour, the Screen Actors Guild awards in LA, this is because we are, of course, moving up towards Oscar's time actors celebrating themselves, what could be more noble the awards are a good predictor of where the Oscars might go. At one of the big stories was Black Panther, the superhero film, the BBC's John Johnson was there, obviously we still have a ways to go. But in twenty eighteen highway did manage to get few things. Right. It says a lot that host Meghan Malala. I was comfortable cracking jokes about diversity cast black people and Black Panther. That was good. He.

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