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Do not want to see on Sunday. We usually do the five things we feel like we have to see for the Bears to have a great chance to win. This time. It's five things we do not want to see. I'll let you go first. Since I went first last week, all right, The one thing I don't want to see is a quarterback change. For the Bears. That's one of my five nice choice right at the top restaurant quality, No matter how bad it is true. This has got to stay in there. Yes, no. Better. What? Yes, That is a real question, though, because that defense would led by J. J. Watt could be ferocious. So let's Robiskie take his beating. All right, well, you know, whatever happens, let him stay out there. That's number one for May. Yeah. So Chase falls. I don't need to see him in there. Chase pulls a combination, Daniel. Whatever you wanna call, that's all he is. He's just the taller, more decorated Chase Daniel. That's it. For me. Number one is Please do not let me see Strip sack of Mitchell. Travis Key. That's fair, Like take the sack. Throw the ball away. Just please do not strip sack him again. Don't want to see Cole commit have one or fewer receptions on Sunday. He should have the full complement off tighten catches for the Bears. He has that effect. I don't mind him being the number two guy as far as receptions for the Bears coming up on Sunday. Bought by the way sidebar. Mayor Approach Your Honor you May Jimmy Graham is only in a bear's uniformed because of analytics correct off what he used to could do correct, but may not even based on the Green Bay we saw from a endlich standpoint, he's all things they could do from the 20 yard line. And in so the analytics told us that Jimmy Graham would be great. Even though Cole commit is going to be the better asset, no question he may never get to the heights Jimmy did in New Orleans. But he's absolutely going forward the right choice. I want to see minimum 20 carries David Montgomery. I don't want to look and go. Alignment. We didn't run the ball again. Keep got I'm eyes far from Danny as possible. He like he wants to Shawn to have four scores 428 yards. And no pics and dominate the game. I don't have any interest in having to have that splashed across our, you know, front pages on Monday and on our shows. I have no interest. Thank you. I'd like Mitch to play Well, I like the bears to lose in narrow once they get the better draft pick, but not like Oh, my God. He's flashing up, 12. He's got four touch that. No, that's not happening. I don't want to see Jalen Johnson struggle like he doesn't know what street corner he's on in the secondary. Agree. I don't want to see that nonsense. Agreed. Come on, man. Just play your position. Let's go to the phones. FedEx Harold FedEx Herald's on From Skokie. Hey, FedEx! Harold! What's up with the guys? Happy fight! You guys E have a question, man, And I just like, so everybody's been talking about the quarterback, you know that the Bears Nida. They good quarterback, But as far as I don't know, I've been hearing so much about them. Donald. Um I just feel like yeah. He hasn't had a great coach with Adam Gezi. But what if he does it with the Chicago? Um, there's you know, Like, what are your thoughts about that? You know, instead of going after like that passed out or something like that. You know, I just want to hear your thoughts about that that Prescott represented here. The choices that Prescott or whom Sam Donald Sam Donald. Sam Donald to me is not broken. And once again, you have to give athletes more than just one by the apple. He's with the Jets. Okay, and Adam Gates. I think it's pretty clear that Adam Gates is not this great football mind. Correct. It was pretty clear, correct. Not not necessary. The gray sky when he's with Chicago. I mean, he was used a great offensive coordinators. Ask him while when he was here, right, And so he gets the opportunity to be the head coach for the Jets and even gaze, knowing he's gonna be fired, has already said It was the last week. Melanie's just like, you know, I'm not getting the most out of Sam Donald. He put you found its own sword while he's still coaching the team like Yeah, I'm not doing a good enough job with Sam correctly. So Sam Donald, maybe not with the Bears, but for some from some other place can people might be a good What's the price? That's my question, FedEx Harold, if you said Give me a third round pick. Yeah, I absolutely roll the dice and a guy who was a top seven pick for a third run. Yeah, I'll take a chance. You want me to give you a late first round pick? No chance there ask is obviously going to be a first round pick because they're going to try and see what they can extract from any team that is interested in a potential franchise. Quarterback Sam Donald is 23. Zach Wilson is 21. I think you know. And Sam Donald has actually taken steps at the NFL level. Like you said Howdy. Adam Gates is kind of sabotaged everything. He's It's hard that you kind of gotta throw that out. I think and say if we believe in that guy when he was coming out We can We surround him with the coaching staff that might get the best out of him. I think it's an interesting proposition. I don't know. I don't think anybody knows exactly what the Jets are gonna get for Sam. Donald. You know there's going to be Some teams, some smart team that says, You know what it's worth a second round pick, you know, to see what he's got to kick the tires on the Bears lose out and they picked. Let's call it 8/9 whatever 89 10. That means they're gonna have a top 12th round pick the Jets said to you. Okay, give me number 40 in the in the draft Top 40 player you can have Sam Darnell's You doing it? That if that means an offensive lineman for me, sure. For the other team, I guess, maybe to the Jets you're giving that pick up where you're trying to get another offensive lineman? Yeah, I just I'll stick to my guns and say that's still got to build on the lines. So I still need to be able to whoever's going back there for the future. I still got to figure out who replaces a Fed e. I got to see who's gonna be replacing. Maybe Leno in the future, right? Yeah. I see the goal that's glittering. I just can't touch it yet because I need protection for whoever my quarterback is going to be for the future. I can't do it if you told me that we picked Eight. Yeah. And 39.

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