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Let's kick things right off here with the NFL trade deadline coming and going a few trades here and their gold. Tate's going to the Philadelphia Eagles ha ha Clinton Dix going to the Washington Redskins. The Mary as Thomas probably the biggest name being moved headed to the Houston. Texans. Other small moves hair and their Dante follower going from the Jaguars to the Rams that include that in these small move. I saw a lot of chatter on Twitter house inside about this move and Dante Fowler had fallen out of favor with the Jaguars coaching staff and some people I saw dolphins Twitter comparing dont they follow her to. Devante Parker where the Jaguars are willing to move on from file for trade compensation. But they're not willing to move on from guy like park. The difference is a huge difference. Is Parker was the number one receiver in is number one racy round the dolphins thought they follow was more second-string third-string kinda guy in the Jaguars. So two completely different scenarios or re tweeted something earlier on Tuesday where someone was saying that Jaguars fans were shocked. They're able to get a third round pick. And. I think it was a sixth or seventh round pick four or five dollar and everyone else around the league was saying. Wow. I can't believe the Rams gave up a third in a sex or whatever it was for Sunday father, so two different sides of the spectrum there, but we're gonna get into that. Devante Parker comparison and just everything about devante Parker later in the show. But I want to open things up here with the NFL trade deadline, son and outs. And I think we all had similar theories as to what the dolphins should do and similar ideas. But the execution of that may have played out a little differently, and I'm going to start off here. And obviously, this is for entertainment purposes, only because none of this happened..

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