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Even Charles Barkley Might Trico Rich Eisen. I had the other thing is shefty ten. Gm's I think it was ten. Ten GM's reached out during the actual draft during picks were going on and they looked at the time and I was like. Wow you know the fact that they would stop what they were doing and send a text making sure that I was okay. It was really cool but but the bottom line is I've never felt more support in my life and ESPN. I you know we all love each other. We get along and we have fun when we're together but I've never felt like it's more of a second family than I do now with that support meant to you. I'm much meant you had a lot of support leading up and then they Which was helpful. But I was so tired and so exotic like I was just trying to scroll through. Make sure I got back to the people that really needed to but what I what I started to come to the hospital and got four hundred thirty seven texts. It was a feeling that I've never felt before you know I. I know I have good friends. And I know we're all friends like work friends but to see how many people reached out and and how many times in how the well wishes that they sent. Not just hey. I hope you're good but like sending real legitimate notes that they had to sit down and think about it it mental me. It really will. I will never in my life. Forget it you bring up the GM's on clock and some of those other than multitude of texts that you got. Was there one that really stayed with you? That really touched you. In a way that you wouldn't have thought or you will always remember Rick. Spielman worked with his brother Chris for many years and he sent some really nice texts. Chris Ballard he Chris Ballard. I didn't have a cell phone. He didn't have my cell phone number. Talk when we're at the combine in different things. But we've never exchanged phone numbers. The Colts Chris Ballard Center really heartfelt no during the draft and it opened with. Hey Herbie gave me your number. I hope that's okay myself. Like yeah I it's okay now zone Of of of a note that really stood out. So how does this change your perspective on the world? The sickness his virus. I realized that this you know it's it's not life and death. Just look at the numbers. I mean clearly you guys. You guys do better without me. The broadcast range. I know do the math on it. I'm a trend guy. Yeah so no but I I realized that it's you know you can say what you what you want. And it's all Corny but I realized that it's okay. It's okay and I think a lot of GM's and I've talked to some some jams after are realizing maybe we don't need to do some of this stuff and I'm sure in six months everyone will go back to that. Same Crazy bubble that we all live in. But do you really need a million pro days? You really need some of these things that we do. Can we spend a little bit more time with our family and and less time worrying about some of the little things that really don't matter you know and it was? It was cool when I when I actually did start watching the draft looking at some of the you know the decision makers. They're stuck there in their home. Like Bella check would make a pick and then stand up. Walk away and his dogs there. I watched the Joe Douglas and his kids that I know hugging him for pick. That's okay it's okay to be a little bit more family oriented and not to work. There's some there's a lot of little stuff that we worry about shefty. Had I've always thought like it's not it's not worth it. We're not gaining anything from it really but we do it because it's that's how it's always been done at. I'm hoping that maybe we rein it back in a little bit We'll see what happens on. That's how we're wired right and show something like this. That RECALIBRATE OUR COUNTRY. That recalibrate our lives that recalibrate. Everything just makes you think differently about everything going on in life right at this. I was a change. You have you just like being involved with the draft being different and everything going on around you. It's a great question I I haven't You've had it. My parents lost one of their good friends. My college roommate lost his mom. Three cousins had it. My niece had it And I I think. I'm just amazed at how vulnerable we are as a society to something like this could just take us all down and turn our lives upside down and I think it's good in the sense. That again forced us to spend more time with our families. There would have been a lot of days that I would have been in Bristol. Were going to Las Vegas that I was right here and so that's also good but I'll be me about. It is that this may be like this for a long time a long time and I don't know when this changes in so of the obvious changes how it changed me very Harry Right now. Todd I it's out of my ears my nose my eyebrows. I've got more hair got his truth. Yesterday I saw one of my neighbors. Any was holy. Call Me Teen Wolf for nothing you know and so just a little simple things in life that I thought were simple like I said like getting a massage or five six. I told you that Susan Bristle is. She's great she's unbelievable. Yeah and the next time. I'll get them son. I have no idea man. I love that I love that you know I very simple like right. I work out. I don't much more than that but even the little things like my sister said me this morning she goes. I miss going out to dinner just once. I don't once rather than every single night and it's been so long since something like that has happened and I miss driving through the starbucks. I haven't done in six seven weeks now and just getting no little afternoon. Pick me up whatever. It is just little things a woman that would make my smoothies in the morning. Haven't been into her shop in the two months you know so. It's just the little things like that that I think it changed my perspective a little bit of a smaller sense in addition to the obvious. Let me ask you this. Tell we now in our country have over one point two million cases of the virus. We have at the time recording. This basically seventy two thousand deaths which is more people than died in the Vietnam War. They're going to be a lot more people that can track this virus. They're going to be a lot more hard days ahead. What would you say to them? If somebody was battled this somebody who gets this about what they're about to get themselves into well again? I I feel I feel badly giving an opinion on it or talking about it because I had a mild case and I know there are thousands upon thousands of people who have had it worse but the only thing I can say is no matter what you're doing what you're trying to let go let go take care of yourself. Get to the hospital get tested. Get your rest. Get rid of your phone that to me. I was in a unique period. Obviously because that's what I'm getting flooded with texts and emails and calls and all that for for shows and get ready for the draft but outside of the focus on your core people. You know if it's your your wife your husband. Your children focus on them. I pictured two pictures of my of my children you know not because I didn't have a phone. I had physical pictures one of my daughter in one of my son that you know when I would wake up and kind of a dark place just look at them and that would that would kind of inspire me to just keep keep going and keep fighting and all that but I think I think you've got. I started to get better when I let go when I just let go and rested in. Took care of myself. He'll ask you is later today. Which is amazing. You're going to get the chance to see your son and daughter for the first time since April I. I know you talked about how emotion that will be when you think a hate to that moment. Which by the time. Some people listen to it will have already happened. What is that going to be like for you? I'm going to get off the boat. And they're going to be standing there and I'm going to run down and probably plow over people in front of me and go pick both of them up at the same time if I still can do it and just squeeze them kiss them and and get in the car go back to the house and into whatever they want. Ride Bikes on scooters. Runaround anything we can do. I just can't wait to spend those moments with them and obviously you know hug my wife and hold on tight. It's going to be. It's been a long time man. It's been a long said it's almost forty days and it's a lot has gone on and I stayed in Boston to this being safe. Just trying to make sure that I don't go down there and bring anything. So we're we're in a safe spot now. So it's it's time to go and it's time to see them and it's going to be. It's going to be amazing. I can't wait Laurie. Glorious mentioned say spy so are you now only healthy like what we see you on? Espn soon wherever you at. How would you describe where you're at right now? Fully healthy fully healthy done some stuff with dot com you know five teams upgraded the roster ten players that. I think are going to be great. That are going to be you know impact players this year as rookies and some other stuff. I've talked to to the executives. I'm going to go down and be with my family for a little bit. There's no rush the the way too early. Mock draft can wait a little bit it always. Can you know my mind? It should be December. But it'll probably be somewhere in in early June when I come back in and do some meat back on TV and you can get ready to go. You can give your wife a hundred me let myself. I appreciate your time today. I appreciate its high Monday before red. Glad to hear you sounding warlike todd than you did that particular time and welcome back. We love you. Were very happy that you are safe. Place they've no our basement and I thank you. I thank everyone that this support. I can't tell you how much it meant to me and you are. You are leading the charge. You sent me so many text messages. Just checking in making sure on good and I really appreciate it. I'll never forget it. You're on our minds you must end We are awfully happy to hear that you're doing the way you are not being. Well enjoy your family later today. Brother thank you and the ESPN draft analyst. Todd mcshay and I will say it is hard not to get emotional listening to him. Talk about being reunited with his two children ages four and five and a half getting to see them for the first time since April I. I cannot even imagine being in that situation where you go forty days without seeing your.

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