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House as the exhibit has also brought to like you knew works he was us down desde by a collection of water colors and rawlings found in a room using stern france they were creations of artist albert alexander smith police officers who is also walking the a street soldiering world you know war i'm one if you're papers he you look was suspicious documentary so has you a black soldier need to happen on documented the life immigrant of that's his how the fellow role cool with i'm police soldiers when the los angeles i had police no idea cooperate these with these federal pieces law enforcement success with until other daniel sorts of crimes said if you are investigating rick terrorism guess what i for found example author or racketeering lind era of you interstate know spent crimes five any number of years things or researching her book forgotten about a black american division on the day every year thought she knew everything about african american soldiers in the two world wars until she came to this exhibit she points to a film showing the harlem hell fighters playing on a wall the world war one black regiment had a reputation for being ferocious in the trenches and were said to have introduced jazz to france and they played it is sad them masa yes the french national anthem for the first time in the two areas to a chance pete astounding the fans who heard until that never heard such a thing here we're seeing the hell fighter is on about plying their instruments can fall army address in the scene then arriving back in new york city here i'm just i've never seen a started sources extraordinary for reasons he movie is pouring over the paintings and rich historic details of the exhibit he says many french people today have a deformed and i just the lives of black americans when move with him in it will be could do shows of host time he enough to all we hear about it trounced him in order of young blackmon's as morning and it's exhibit shows the tragedy but also the fantastic human adventure of the african american experience eleanor paris we are thankful on this thanksgiving morning that you're listening to your public radio station which brings here morning edition you can turn into all things considered later this afternoon you can keep up with us all the time on social media among other places on twitter were i'm empty aren't skit davis and green.

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