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Beacon today, say $50 on all heating and air conditioning called 1 800 Freakin And stop freaking called Beacon. Look at the weather is you Get ready for Christmas Week? Here is meteorologist Kristen Clark. Don't be surprised to see a few wet snowflakes falling from the sky later on today. For now, we're tracking a pretty widespread, steady rain across all of western Washington that soon may change over to a rain snow mix with the arrival of much colder air by the end of today that transition to snow may happen quicker. Across Washington's North coast, keeping an eye on port Angeles and swim throughout the day as those areas of the best potential, maybe several inches of a slushy accumulation, as well as a mountainous and valleys, locations of welcome Skagit County. Now, how about our very own foothills here across Central peaches sound? Well, that's where we could see maybe a quick inch on the grassy surfaces near North Bend. Gotta keep an eye on that convergence zone. Of course, we can see heavy precipitation That could follows heavy snow for a brief time later this afternoon, But a lot of the snow melts incident instantly on contact with the pavement. So just reduction of visibility for many bursts of snow and maybe a slushy inch on the grassy surfaces for our hilltops that are above 500 ft. In elevation and the Common Weather Center and meteorologist Kristen Clarke in Bellingham, or it's 42 Right now, in Olympia, cloudy and 44 manned, We have rain in downtown Seattle. It's 43 also seeing some heavy rain. Living through the Strait of Juan de Fuca hitting Oak Harbor and the Mount Vernon area, for example, and there is a winter storm warning in effect for the Cascades an Olympics above 3500 ft. Some of those places Kristin mentioned could get up to 18 inches of snow on camels. Carleen Johnson spoke with the National Weather Service about all this this morning. Skiers and snowboarders are in luck with plenty of snow over the next 24 hours, followed by cooler air. That means it'll stick around. But down here, do you see any mix of brains personal. It's not expected to last. My whole ski with the Seattle National Weather Service says it's just not going to be cold enough to give us a white Christmas in the lowlands. The risk of widespread flooding or slides has receded. That's good news. The school Komische River in Mason County, the only river seeing minor flooding. As for road travel this week ahead of Christmas. The most active weather for the week will be today and into tonight and the main impact there will be Snow in the mountains and then some gusty winds on the coast. Carleen Johnson Coma News news Time six, So wait. The state of Washington is expected to receive 184,000 doses of modern is covert vaccine by the end of the month. The FDA gave final approval to that over the weekend earlier this month of Fizer.

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