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That's so disingenuous guys wednesday. I'm going to tell you a story about this week. Wednesday i had. It was like the busiest. It was like the busiest had my entire life and one of the commitments. That i made this week was that i was going to show up in full power for every coaching call. Which meant that. This livestream that i have the check ins that have after every single coaching. Call that. I showed up. My goal is to show up in full power and so on wednesday. I had six back to back to back to back to back. Calls and each of them were about an hour to an hour and a half long but i made the commitment to show up every single day in full power to every single call and it was the hardest thing i've ever done. Because like those guys that go live consistently no like when you go live. Just drains your energy like especially if you go live a lot in a day like it's exhausting but i'm so fucking disciplined that i showed up to every single coaching call single live in full power with this much energy for six hours straight. And that's what the fuck it takes. Because i'm going to be honest with you guys. The week voice inside of me wanted to cancel and wanted to like be like man over committed myself. Maybe i should just take a break. Maybe i should cancel some of these calls. So i can show up some of them in full power. But then there's this little fucking voice inside of me that's like yo be mark's show up like you said you were going to show up. You said you were going to do something and you need to start listening to that voice if you wanna be successful at guys if you wanna be a high performer. I'm gonna give you a secret to being a high performer ready. You need to know what your own bullshit. Straight up tune it out. I want you guys to imagine all of your excuses and reasons for why you're not where you wanna be as a frequency that you're tuned into right now. It's like a frequency right. It's like a frequency of like on too busy with school right now. I can't work on my business. Or i'm not good at tiktok. That's why i'm not getting on there. Because i don't know how to edit videos or closes in new app for me and i'm so confused and i'm outside of my comfort zone or i'm not video that's why i'm not getting a live streamer. I'm not good at social media. That's why i'm not post. I want you to imagine your bullshit excuses as this frequency that you're tuning into and your accepting as a reality right now right now magical these excuses as a frequency or tune into now understand that the real truth. I want you guys to write this down. If you're taking notes the real truth is always buried beneath bullshit. The real truth is always buried beneath the bullshit and the real truth on finnish coach. You fucking note. You know like we know when we're not performing at the level that we want to. We know you know if you're not being consistent on social media you know if you're not being consistent on tiktok you know if you're not getting on clubhouse you know if you're not posting on infamous coaches you know you also know when you're being lazy with your finished ernie like you know you're fucking sleeping in you know you're making excuses and the like you're tuned into the bullshit frequency in your accepting it as a reality but you need to start listening to that little voice inside of you the truce that little fucking voices inside man. Maybe you're sleeping in a little bit too much..

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