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A dog the great by found more than anybody else has there was no issue of conservation why would you want to consider shocks and the same many of them big fishermen uk is this is so much there and then gradually that changed and now of course every ounce of conservation that we can muster is needed to help the great barry through these ahead we've come to the end of the road now and it's easy to fix it or lose it what will be done is can be taking nutrients samples and we'll just take them off the surface it's not just warming washer that's assaulting the great barrier reef fertilizers herbicides and soil eroded from local farms enter the rivers and flow out to sea damaging the coralled both mona and saddam phoned is no work for you kabbaj molecule malignancy ranger and i hope preservation and twiceweekly land concept as aside good i'm on arms mikhail on operations manager for you could budget will look your land and sea ranjit prager the see rangers are a group of aboriginal people charged with protecting the coast today there something the water for chemical policemen's three engines do do that about three thought we could get annoyed north clean affect india and that way it's it's all all either either water that reading carl breachings been happening for decades but the difference is now that i ryan patten civil changed we're not getting the prolonged ryan period over a time of year that that sort of brings that water temperature down we might be getting some good ryan but it all comes in one big hit which is then bringing all the sediment off of land washing it out in into the ocean and settlement plans meriva mouths and just covered covering every figs now they only had to look at country and and listen to stories from all people of how country once before i'm cattle grazing at all these taught him uh activities dotted and then and then big changes and it's only been out of the last eight hundred and fifty used to 100 years at these activities me going on and the land is really degraded from that stuff has to have the tradition iron is comeback on country and and practice some of their methods of controlling land uh particularly with fire and and eradicating weeds and then erosioncontrol.

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