House Judiciary Committee, Donald Trump, President Trump discussed on Bill O'Reilly's Free Podcast


And it doesn't have any effect on him dozen that bother you i stopped doing it after i told him that he didn't if somebody walked up to him today and said do you still believe that there were thousands of muslims in jersey and made a mistake he said yes he wouldn't say i made a mistake he's never said i made of azadi mistakes let's net made a mistake right arm when you are analyze the media it's reaction to this book and they totally ignore major story about the house investigation into the fusion gps possibly that phony daca giving the obama administration of power to get warrants to surveillance trump campaign that's a huge story all right and that story is going to come out maybe as soon as next week because now yuppie eyes reinforce to give up the information that the house judiciary committee has asked for after seven months seven months forced not no coverage no coverage just the trump book that's frightening me frightening you all our reaction to that i think any time is an opportunity for many members not every single journalists but to wait too many of them to quote somebody who says something bad about donald trump they will do it that's that's their their their fallback position of there were a number of mistakes recently about the president now mistakes if they're honest mistakes but the just the law baverage a single go in two directions i'm gonna make ten mistakes about bulow rightly some of lob positive some of them will be negative about bill o'reilly but all the mistakes about donald trump have been negative so that tells you something that tells you that they're willing to listen to people giving up their scepticism debris coming gullible patsies chara antibodies west something negative to say now i don't know if it likely will got it right he may have gotten every quote right steve bannon may have by the way steve bannon has denied anything that he was quoted the senate doesn't mean it's true to figure steve bannon says it doesn't have threats but that's a good point but what went on saying is if there's an oppor of not breaking any nucear if there's an opportunity to quote somebody sank something bad about donald trump and that somebody is any level of above awful.

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