Davis, Michael Hill, Jeffrey Okuda discussed on Sean Hannity


Good yeah he he's he's a ham right now two guys really stood out to be that way i think my played their best gave that though he was one of the defence of front which we got a lot of them and same however i think sandpipers get better every week the right time there's so many guys that are good like taekwong lewis i was just looking at at the careers sack lists that he's up to like number eight in you'll never sugar guy and he's the reigning defensive lineman of the year that'd be and it's not that he's not playing great davis's there's so many guys that are good that's the beauty that rotation and the blue beauty of not wearing them down right you don't wanna wear them down in the first two weeks of october you want to make sure those guys are fresh and ready to go for that stretch rudder big ten championship game and whatever comes after that that's that's the beauty of that rotation is now they get in there get the our steps it when they need to get out and get arrest there's quality it follows rtz follows rent in the footsteps and then inside guys how 'bout draymond jones who is planes spectacularly well until we had that gash on his leg he's i think back he is back and of course michael hill whatever that suspension was he's back i i assume the michael hills in good shape i want to tell you he is a good football player this isn't just a body or just a a guy who kind of plugs a hole he he is someone is capable playing that interior position very very well doing lots of things at a high level and if he can return to that my goodness i know i mean that it's sickening elected be the other team goes looking what what guys are out this guys are coming back oh my grass won't was one guy that is out at least for the first half next week is going to be daenen are net because of the targeting call the correct chartering call in last week's game a bill you mentioned that after the award ejection you paid attention to jeffrey okuda the true fred added that was in the rotation iggy for the first significant about playing time we got a yelled up pretty well i.

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