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I do people keep their shoes. When i'm having a party. What fresh hell laughing in the face of motherhood behind that door is mom friends with margaret apples. And amy wilson. Open a beg chips and say come on a podcast that's all today's parenting dilemmas. So you don't have to pinterest has ruined holiday specifically. Hey everybody welcome to what fresh hell this is. Amy and this is margaret and today amy. We're going to go through a host of scenarios and decide whether or not these things are hard for us. I think some of these are going to be harder for you. Some of them are going to be harder for me. But hardest of all for both of us. Amy remembering to do mail. We're going to do it today. We're starting with male back now. I have such a good one today. Amanda on instagram said. Good morning. I recently started listening to your podcast and love it. One thing though margaret. Has anyone else for told you that. You sound just like the actress. Debbie masar. It's so bizarre. Anyway i thought i'd share. Has anyone ever told you maser. No one has ever. My entire life told me. I sound like debbie masar but i love it so much. You do a huge fan. I mean first of all fun. Fact about debbie means are for some of our listeners she exists. I feel the debbie. My son is in all the locks alert. she's in good fellas. She was a really good friend. Of madonna's i mostly know her for being like madonna's arm candy. That was my fun. Fact that i was going to share. She's madonna's bff. And i saw her once at the grove. And i love her. I think she is amazing. And i'm glad that you think sound like debbie masar. I'm going to see if i can find a link to put up. She's got a a stronger new york accent. Then i think i do. Yes but i think mike optional. Because i pulled up mike does. She sound like margaret. And i pulled up some clips and if you get her in a movie it's like why you doing put it down over there. But when she talks and interview she doesn't sound like that at all. All right neither. Do we can pro little debbie masar clip and put it in here. I have to say my one like this. I was working on commercial. Wants and the director said to me. You remind me so much of a young fred willard. I mean talking about an old alexader. Although he was on the bachelor so we had a little bit of a comeback and then he said. But i'm sure you hear that all the time no i haven't i mean i didn't mind and what i looked at him like i get it. I do get the forty years younger and female fred willard. One has to be very careful when saying one looks like a celebrity. I will diverge one last brief time. I have a brother-in-law who is a lick upsettingly. Dead ringer for jude law. Which is a compliment. Probably have and jude. Law was in some movie. I think it was called archie or alpha or something. They were billboards all over. And it was like a picture of my brother-in-law's face it's funny in real life. It's like he would sign autographs for. It's like still photos. they look alike. It's a one of those weird. Look thanks and then somebody at a party was like you know who you look like. You know you look like. And he's heard it a thousand times so he was. He kept saying who to tell you that you look like look like yeah and then finally he fell for it and he was like people..

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