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A guy hits. The market in other teams are interested like Basic commonsense announced and bid against the teams. Ya get a guy of that interest out there than they did. It and i think that they just needed someone who could step in right away in in be number two next to julio which is what. They're missing so badly. During the two thousand fifteen seasons like the process to get new make sense like need. A physical guy who come in can be like a safety valve for matt ryan. Like how many times i'll be cincinnati. Just make tough catches over the middle or find on down and emit catch fall down for a first down like his his skill set. Was valuable for the falcons even if he was overpaid. Or if you look at some of the advanced metrics maybe it wasn't the smartest signing but it is hard to watch with your eyes in understand. Like we're the falcons were before the got there in where they were after in say that sign like a a big failing released me and i will say that i think the team that the falcons were competing with for his services in two thousand sixteen. The other team was the patriots which There's a little bit of foreshadowing for you. There there with the what one of the best trades dmitrov will ever make in his era sending some new to the patriots for a second rounder. Several years later. Next on the list. And actually i was surprised at how small this contract was because i feel like he was a little bit of value. Defensive ben adrian clayborn to your deal just nine million i think for his productivity what he did in the two years he was here More than played a contract that size whether your thoughts clayborn had a really nice run with the falcons. I thought our by just was really solid player. I and i thought that the two the the two big line times in may that you're reclaiming shelby like both i different services where you know. Cleveland was more of. Like 'cause i i i'm from hamas taken like claiborne on the inside a lot to kind of okay. I think that he was better on the outside than than selby kinda gave him that. Were still you. They were looking for so it was kind of cool to see how they play off each other. But you know clay very very solid run atlanta. What are the two separate stints. That patriots was into coin. I so i mean. I i was always a big fantasy play. He had been ridiculous like Against dallas in twenty minutes where he uses one move to get six sacks us when the same thing over and over. I remember alan cirque. He asked me to help him out with the film review on that. And i like the the notes i wrote were just so lazy because it was like a very top to really know what else in some some fan in the comments is like this charles. Mcdonagh guy laziest. You'll break down. It was the lazy game. Like i don't know what you want me to say but i i a big fan of claiborne for for what he brought and i thought he was. He was to get the production that he did. Even if if it didn't come with a lot of sachse lot of pressure for money that he got was i think it's a homerun sinus. Yeah he mentioned shelby's well they brought him in for your deal worth. eighteen million. Obviously injuries kept him from ever. Really doing much for the falcons. After his first year. I completely forgot about defensive. End slash linebacker courtney upshaw who they brought in on the one year deal worth a little over million those three guys that seemed like they would rotate them in like you said trying the interior pass. Rushers i think courtney upshaw gained like fifty pounds between two thousand fifteen and two thousand sixteen by the time he came here. They were using him. Defensive tackle it was honestly pretty. Solid defense is actually was pretty solid. I remember like you said he got there in like he was signed at the van. Sachet linebacker i remember. I think i was when he got signed. We're talk like a strong side. Linebacker scheme that can kick down in. Russia passer off the edge and then he showed up. He was legitimately three hundred pounds and played three technique and like as far as like that little rotation between especially by by the end of the season that little rotation with gregg jarrett haeggman babs in upshaw like they were actually cooking people on the inside and that came out of nowhere because they're always been jokes like according upshot pretty having guy for end linebacker type food and that he just went full-on like from wants big. I can get like let's go three in. And he did pretty well like to get what he brought that season for one point two five million young that every chance you get the last name. I want to put any kind of emphasis on because again. I feel like this was a really good free agency period for dmitrov and they got him off waivers from the browns on september fourth was wide receiver. Taylor gabriel a guy who ultimately would after a couple of years the falcons go onto a sign with chicago bears. He had one hell of a season. Two thousand sixteen. I think I want to say it was the cardinals game where they literally just had like the quick out and he turned two of them into like forty five yard touchdowns and of course he had that deep bomb. That ryan threw in the green bay packers game regular season really became like a really nice piece in this offense so with your thoughts on them. Sort of snatching up gabriel. The small guy with a crazy amount speed. It was so good. Because shannon hinders knew how to use a perfectly. We haven't really seen that success. From killing gabriel Getting paid but for that fit with coolio in s- new and they need you really just needed. Gabriel for the most part the just almost be like a low extension of the running game. Like where you talk about the cardinals game where they have the two screens ryan throws and still that the i. I think it was the first one score where he caught it. He weaved through six cardinals offenders on types and i that play was awesome. It just caught like identity. Identify talent in beyond be like okay like this fits in with what we haven't. Julio we have possession receiver. let's go get our little scott guy who can run in the creek supposed to play with the ball. His hands on on a less dangerous passes their dislike over to the flowers inside. Feel like that was really cool. Just talent identification by atlanta's front office and actually have a of funny taylor. Gabriel story where it was after. He scored that touchdown. I guess the cardinals. And i posted the play the hours just talking about where he's leaving two defenders and he followed me on twitter. He dami heels like yo. Here's my phone number upload. These men text them to me. I was like what he was like. Yeah like getting your phone..

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