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Yes of the recording. This is that glorious holiday that the teen titans go very excited to celebrate that we had to watch cartoon about star fire learning the true meaning of black friday for all for all those in your life man on black friday. What is there to. How do i celebrate. Well you go shopping. You can watch teens go like i've done a lot today is trying to entertain my children or you can podcast with your friend. So that's what. I chose to wrap up my black friday with his podcasting with a firm and that firm would happen to be the great low powerful. Mr james cole. Two out of three isn't bad. Not shopping shoprite. I don't even shop online today. You know why. Because most of the stuff i wanted to do. I'd already titans go. And now your podcast. You didn't shop today didn't well. Unfortunately i did. But i only went for one thing and i just stopped and it just happened to be on black friday and i just figured what the hell cause. I don't usually go shopping friday. I don't go to stores usually see wednesday night. I was going to go out. We need a couple of things around the house but by tangent got home so that we definitely have to have it is. I'm like i'm not going shopping on thanksgiving. Even places are open..

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