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That's going to be a great fight. It's going to be. I'm also excited for chef donnie. Verse qc get over here. Boxing on what are the ones are gonna use. Chef donnie risky. Pc will be one of the title fights fuses friday. Oh wow really good night trying these are. These are great yeah. I'm excited going into the fight. I've never felt better sword everything going through this whole training camp in this week everything just clicked. Everything's feeling good. I'm as ready as i can be. What's this guy's name again. qc pcp this guy shredded. But as we've all seen fifteen times before shredded doesn't always mean you're gonna win. It doesn't matter. Infighting i don't i actually slows you down big muscles or harder move you gas faster so and i think you've got maybe an inch on him. I think you're a little bit taller anything if the same. Yeah you should say what you want if you win this fight. Because i know that you don't want money you don't want more accolades. Don't you just want more opportunities to create content. All i wanna do is make die trying. The biggest show can possibly be. I wanna keep doing crazy shit. And that's that's it. That's all i care about. Is this brand growing. This and making their shit cost so. Let's put the money that you like. What if i went on i want to do is make diatribe. And that's it. That's what you should be rewarded by the higher ups the powers that be. If you win you should be able to make whatever die trying shit. You wanted this. Well i want to do that. Shit's fare no better way to prove that you are a crazy person than getting into the ring at rough and rowdy donnie. I'm rooting for you. I want you to win. Die trying greater show. it's on youtube. You jumps out there and play. And i got plenty more come in so let's keep making them after this. You can go the other good fights on that car too. I mean she at the resent a knockout artist is going to be back there. Supreme patty fighting against dancing dan. They're all boone county's coming out i don't i don't hate many people but so many people you said here is a little over five people. Don't hate that many people but has the most tangible face in content of all time more punishable than upc or tcp. Were you fight him if he wins. Supreme patty yeah. He's got too much. I think he's too fat too much weight on me weight class. Let's go talk your shit. You actually hate him. No he seemed like a nice guy he's just his contents just horrid will you. Will you ever find referee. I'd find rough and rowdy. I think i could find someone my size. We're not fighting supreme patty. I don't think he's not much bigger than you. Yeah maybe i've been out of that kind of like the same thing with with chef donnie. It's like any opportunity for content. I'll do it but rough and rowdy. Yeah that's you gotta be on another level of do that. Yes maybe a few years younger. I know this moneymaker doesn't look that old. But you are talking about music. I was in vaudeville for a little. Yeah you guys ever heard of Fuck in tom thumb. Bit trying to think of old like jimmy. Rogers jimmy rogers. I don't know who is this person. Supreme batty this is patty twenty three years old. He's eighty five kilograms kilograms. What is this k. What are you what are you what does that come out to. I think it's time to right here. One sixty five seventy one sixty five hit that conversion eighty five times two point two. It was looking up to see if that was a real person and it was a one. Eight hundred seventy seven yeah. He's a little bit busy weight. Range one hundred and thirty seven pounds. We can find a woman to find a high tried to get kids to sign off on a waiver. That said we'd be the first people male female. Do you owe to fight where you don't want to get your ass. But i didn't want her look. She had nothing to lose like if she wins. Yeah she beat me if she loses. I've been hell freezes over. Yeah yeah nice. Robin fox will be day. Dan franklin tang. Caleb ring prime. We'll be there coach prize going to be there. That's awesome ring. girls rings set a bunch of dudes. I'm thinking about the ring girls. Ring girl star. Yeah real bad astromers all right. All right bro- thanks guys. I appreciate it thank you..

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