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Ticket out stubhub, the official ticketing partner of Michigan athletics about time to get you back out to Ryan feel for the rest of the first quarter for that. With your back to the guys. Jim Brandstatter, Jon Jansen guys take it away. Thanks, ryan. Appreciate it. Thanks for the update. Michigan receives the kick. They trailed ten nothing. John kind of a little bit of a sleepwalk going out for the wolverines here in the first quarter. Let's let's a very nice way to put it a little bit of asleep. Wok? Yeah. We came out. And I'm still waiting for the Michigan wolverines to show up because this is not the wolverines team that we've seen the last three weeks. And I we've talked about this all week. Jim is the ability to win on the road. This is it nice comfy home setting for for our team. We're down ten nothing. Nothing is going our way who's going to step up and make a play and make something happen. Every town. Maybe that guy standing at the goal line return. This kick from Bob northwestern. This a high pooch kick again comes down to Hawkins at the twenty one. He's twenty five breaks it around the left end. He's out to the thirty thirty one yard line where Michigan will take over first and ten. Chris Bergen makes the stock for northwestern. But wolverines best field position of the day. And I'll take that. Hey, you start to thirty one yard line things. Look a little bit nicer there than they did back at the seventeen or fifteen. You look at the stats through the first quarter. So far, it's not really. Very thrilling. If you're a Michigan fan northwestern with ninety three.

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