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Live on your bloomberg aura let's delve deeper into our other top stories serve this hour in the uk the hall choices of brexit have tipped theresa may's conservative party into open warfare and it's not clear the prime minister will survive the crossfire 'bluebox and the ross thomas has the story the prime minister's job is once again on the line as crucial decisions do this week causes showdown in the ruling party amid the chaos jacob reesmogg a man so keen on brexit he wants to leave the eu without even a transition deal has emerged as a leadership rival in london and our us thomas bloomberg daybreak europe meanwhile the european union teabags it in a game to michelle bonnie eight will travel to london today for a working lunch with his uk counterpart david davis of more on that me say brussels bureau chief nikos christodoulakis reports the meeting takes place at the end of a new round of negotiations in brussels this week among the thorniest issues are confident ago she eight or are the rights over eu she these are arriving in britain after two thousand ninety brigands compliance with eu laws union transition the access that lee is banks will enjoy lee single market and whether britain should apply for the customs union with eu after their separation with britain's governing party divided over all of these questions at breakthrough other days lance or during this week's meetings appears unlikely in buses negotiators alert us bloomberg daybreak i think the key issues hey all that theresa may basically had to commit to leaving the eu's customs union that is the issue that has triggered really everything to do with this internal fight within the tory party and jacob reesmogg sort of is very unusual really because he would have been just a simple backbench of it now because he's such a strong eurosceptic potentially a challenger absolutely i was watching on baraja but yesterday right all the andrew moore show and she was trying to play down these tensions to some extent she says that tensions are actually not as high as the media would portray them within this sort of in a core of the cabinet that that discusses what's next here four breaks at something that will also be keeping an eye on this week we have two major meetings essentially coming up this week to decide essentially whether or not britain will be part of a customs union.

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