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I met bear with traffic on the fives. Follow us on Twitter Wi be sea traffic. Stephanie Me and wish TV meteorologists. What's going on? Yeah, we're tracking a few showers right now. So if you do you have any plans to head out to carve day? Just be sure to grab the ring here, and unfortunately, it looks like we keep that Kansas scattered showers and thunderstorms pretty much through the entire day with high temperatures here in Indianapolis approaching the seventies or lower seventies with areas in northern Indiana only in the fifties, So we kind of have a large spread of temperatures Today. Tonight Mostly cloudy is gonna be a cool one attempt in the middle forties. And then we start off this upcoming weekend with a few morning clouds otherwise. Is expected to be a really bright afternoon with a mostly sunny sky. Saturday. Eyes low sixties We jumped into the seventies just in time for race day, and it's looking mainly dry. You really couldn't ask for better weather for Sunday. Mostly sunny skies with highs nearing 70 degrees on then for Memorial Day, mostly sunny with highs, warming to the middle seventies as we had too much next week. We do have that chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with high temperatures a hair below where we should be for seasonal high but very comfortable with most of us in the middle seventies. That is Stephanie Meet, of which TV Stephanie. Thank you. 67 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. The thymus seven or seven this'll hour on 93. WNBC is powered by fast track, plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Are you reviews its vaccine mandate verification process. I thought that was an interesting headline came over from Fox 59. How That headline could also be described, as is Indiana Democrats.

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