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The eaten reds bending state champs sterling tigers. It'll be any now. Be on the call. Four broadcast looking forward to that one And looking forward to see what those teams have in store for us this year and then baseball. Hey it's right around the corner. We'll have a. We'll have our thirteen days. Thirteen teams for you coming up in just a bit Couple of weeks from now that we'll be ready to go with that. But yeah i'm looking forward to. The volleyball is so much fun broadcast. And i do have to give a shout out to proactive physical therapy and sports medicine They are One of the official sponsors for the For the volleyball broadcasts and eating we're going to follow eaten. Look the volleyball here. Northern colorado sodium. Good it's crazy Lot of them go to continue on to schools like cs. You and unc. I mean there are Former graduates from all over the place that play at those universities. And it's because of the high level of high school volleyball up here so any time we get a chance to highlight those great athletes. I thoroughly look forward to and we're starting that on saturday. So be ready. Be looking forward to that Also coming up tonight Couple of couple of lead matchups tonight With in the ncwa march madness. Excuse me we saw a couple of last night. Happen with With baylor advancing last night. They get a tough a tough win. You know look in oregon. State's miracle run finally fell short. I don't know what was i. Don't know what got into them. But mike goodness did it. They were just rolling. Oregon state was a great story. We'll get an all that much much more. But we've got that covered for you starting at five o'clock today Number one seeds gonzaga in michigan. going to be playing this evening Going to be searching for that. Final four berth. Nocona presented by the jeanine agencies are poll question up on our facebook page at noko now should schools be required to have some form of all online remote learning. And that's what. That's what i i'm wondering about is how people feel about this because the loss of in person learning definitely took a toll like not being there in person with everybody else that had an impact on students. But is it going to be at a long term impact or was that just because of all the other factors that were going on the fact that we were in the middle of a pandemic the that we had never done this before or is it that online learning does not doesn't pack. The same punch is going to be teachers still. There's going to be kids that for quite some time. Maybe still don't feel comfortable. You know the cdc like we talked about last week waived their magic wand and all of a sudden with everybody in their mask giving me three feet from each other really. Where was that at. Where was that at for eight or nine months but now the i think that you're getting these schools back you're starting the more club activities going. You're starting to get sports back. Some sense of normalcy back. I'd like to see what the result would be so leave us comment on our facebook page at noko now at noko now text the girl tax i nine seven zero. Four seven eight one three zero one physical therapy remember. They've got locations in eaton greeley and brighton. You can visit any of the three and they know how to get you back. I talked about a little bit but mentally coming back from an injury is huge. Learning how to have confidence in whatever area was injured whether it is. You're hip your knee. Your ankle your shoulder. Having that confidence is a big key there former athletes that work there. They know how to get that confidence back. They know how to get you back to where you were and back honestly better than you were and he won't waste your surgery doing it. It's physical therapy and sports medicine. More proactive colorado dot com nine fifty two time. We'll come back on the other side. Our number coming your way chris would. Editor publisher biz. West joins us will do as sports recap avalanche. You're damn good talk all about that much much more snow now presented by the jeanine agencies. Ah northern colorado's voice thirteen ten k. k. We'll talk to you in a minute..

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