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All right we got a lot of great stuff coming up the season and one thing. I am especially excited about. Is this your hustle challenge. Yes you laugh airline for the month of october. The outside team is attempting to eat an exercise. same way. Our team members inside san quentin do and we are inviting listeners. To join in yes. Only reason laughing night is because i know you a person that sticks to your routine. There's gonna come a moment when you're gonna be like. Why am i stick into this. Also this season our email newsletter. The lowdown would be coming out twice a month. Yes very exciting. Each issue featured bonus material for our latest episode. You can sign up for the newsletter at your hustle. S q dot com slash newsletter. And you should definitely do that. Because this episode we have something pretty cool. Yes we do. We've talked to the political thinker that activists soul system number one and the dates. She was a close friend of joyce jackson's we're featuring that interview in this week's issue of the lowdown ear hustle s q dot com slash newsletter. This episode was produced by neat. Nigel poor earl words. Brisson new york. Thomas john ya johnson. Amy stanton and bruce willis. It will sound designed and engineered by antoine williams with music by antoine. David josse ever. She'd cinnamon shabnam. Siegman is our digital producer. And julie shapiro is the executive producer radio tokyo. And you know what else is cool about this. One him we brought in our old editor and friend curtis box to help with this episode. Curtis yes thanks. Curtis thanks to nathaniel and claude at the freedom archives of san francisco. They helped us throughout the project and provided the archival audio. George jackson speaking they also put together a cool project but his fiftieth anniversary focused on the books. That jewish jackson has this sale. Find that at freedom. Archives dot org hustle would like to thank acting morton ron broomfield and just strange snappy tossing to sam hear me to do sale. I think we got him earlier. This podcast as possible with support from the chance. Bergen initiative working to redesign the justice system by being in power and opportunity communities impacted by incarceration. Your hustle is a proud member of radio topiary from pr x. Radio topa is a collection of independent. Listener supported podcasts. Some of the best podcasts around here more radio. Tokyo dot fm. I'm alan woods. And i'm nigel. Poor thanks thanks five. Oh three two. Thanks for listening. We off just off is first episode. Are we off on this episode. Nigel we rusting. Your hustle is sponsored by better. Help online therapy. We're living in complicated tons and more ways than podcast. Dad can really describe. You may not feel depressed or at a total loss. And it's possible that podcasts like hustle have helped you through the last year or so. But if you're feeling a little bit off or your relationships are suffering. That could be a sign that you might need to talk to somebody. Online therapy can help. Better help is not a crisis line. It's not self help it's professional therapy done securely online. It's more affordable than traditional offline. Counseling and financial aid is available. If you're considering trying better help you are not alone. So many people are turning to better help that. They're recruiting additional counselors in all fifty states are podcast is sponsored by better health and our listeners. Get ten percent off their first month of online therapy at better health dot com slash ear hustle. That's better h. e. l. p. dot com slash ear hustle get matched with a better help therapist and get started. And thank you for listening to your hustle. Hey listeners we have just a quick favor to ask. We are conducting our annual radio tokyo listener survey and we would be so grateful if you could take just a few minutes and fill out a questionnaire. Please visit survey dot. Crx dot org forward slash ear. Hus- tell us what you really think to show and help us learn more about you. Yes you can also answer questions about all other radio tokyo podcasts. You listen to. It really helped us out. Yes it will. That's survey dot r x dot org forward slash.

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