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Being put in that unfortunate position of having to be the mask police and enforce these mandates just an effort to keep your doors open. Well ms wilford said during those discussions she believes business owners where where something had to be done to curb the over. The overwhelming number of co corona virus related hospitalizations Many businesses in for collins old town shops and grocery stores continued to request or require customers to wear mass. even without this mandate county won't return said wilford to having capacity restrictions or fully shutdown again. We can only hope. That's the case. We want things to be open. We have to take this next step and apparently lamoure county modeling this particular stab after both colorado state university protocols and boulder county as well as as boulder county introduce that indoor mask mandate on september third which coupled with the county's high. Vaccinations rates was apparently successful in lowering hospitalizations in boulder county. Seventy nine percent of eligible resin answer fully vaccinated for covert nineteen compared to sixty nine point. Eight percent of eligible residents in lamoure county pressure on their hospitals not from boulder. It's from other places said gonzalez. They're able to maintain that and be able to provide a great level of care Gonzalez went on to say that larimer county is looking to places like see shoe as a role model for how to successfully stamp out. The virus university has about a ninety percent vaccination rate on campus has required as do other universities throughout the state and across the country has required mass indoors. Since the school year started in august. Because of those measures the u- university said gonzalez has seen very few cases this fall and hardly any spread whatsoever. He went on to say lamma counties. Vaccination numbers need to look more like sia shoe and boulder county to relieve the pressure on the hospital system at curt rate. It'll take another five months to get eighty percent of residents vaccinated county leaders hope the mandates exemption for businesses requiring vaccines encourages more people to get vaccinated but will it. That is the question because it seems to me Just as those vaccine lotteries that we saw across the country i believe there were nineteen of them including colorado as they worked for some people. Yeah for those. Who won the vaccine lotteries. Well did they move the needle on vaccination rates. I'm not sure a carrot or a stick approach is going to work in this particular situation. Meanwhile gonzalez says hanging there encouraged those around you to get vaccinated and support these efforts. This as that mass mandate in larimer county that indoor mask mandate begins at noon today. What are your thoughts on that nine. Seven three five three thirteen ten. All right we've got more third quarter earnings coming out and the market and bitcoin trading near record highs. We'll take a deeper look at that when keith wineman presidential wealth loveland joins us right around seven thirty four seven thirty one now. Northern colorado's voice one of three one thirteen ten kfi k. The good afternoon guy with brian gerry weekday afternoons at three northern colorado's voice one zero three point one and thirteen ten kfi k..

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