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I don't care what who wins this fight. You guys do not pipe down and act like true. Family members numbers friends. Nobody gets contract. We're gonna take it out on your guy because people could really really get hurt in that situation really really bad. If you look at the people in the crowd it's not all people our age or younger sometimes a little kid and mother's. There's kids. There's babies bad stuff can happen and and i really thought i mean he's literally sitting on the other side of the cage. Somebody walk over and just and just tell them that i think if they did that they would. They would cool off but man there were like three or four people that just kept running right up to the cage and they would you have to grab him and hold them that happened last week to and you know the u of c. They have a security team now so i would imagine agean. They're gonna learn from this night. It's only there's only one more week left but either way <hes> you know me. I was kinda laugh at tell you the truth. I don't want no one to get hurt and i knew no one was gonna get hurt or world. Start on it but i knew it was getting testy. No one's going to break out the phone but it was gonna be my hard drive. You know i was gonna watch it for sure. It happened around me. I would've got up and waited in the isle. I don't wanna tag off to the head or some you guys that i'm not even invested in i would have i hear you. I hear you there. Some people did some people did clear out so it can be very dangerous for the innocence that are that are just children but <hes> <hes> again that one's in the books one more of those and then season three will be over with but now let's get to the scrum that dana white hat afterwards and dana white talked about triple c. Remember you mentioned pseudo earlier said he might be double see if he does anything but defend against joseph ben evita's so i like that me too..

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