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He's sold like champ as gonna say he did his job. Herff acutely this. I will say we're the hell has bobby lashley been for the last few months. Because this is the bobby lashley that i think we've all wanted to see. And we have not gone like the girls in the champagne in the partying in the high lifestyle. And whatever you know. Yeah it got him through the thunderdome but it just didn't seem like fit for someone who is focused in syria. Says lashley can be so the fact that you had this sort of like. He's just rusting on us laurels. But he's still get the job done. It's like i don't know if i like this. I don't know if i like this side of him like i. You really do want to see him. Go out there and just take people heart especially when he did it. Kind of really sort of a dominant fashion withdrew and he just. He just has been showing himself really well for the past year. So it's like okay all right. Well i guess we're going to deal with the girls can make and then he's like no. We're going to get serious kobe. And then he went out there and he took opie apart. Your light guests all the yes to this and he carried that intensity through raw. Yes going with this everything as it. Was everything needed to be. And then some welled up lashley retained as he should have as it should have in the fashion. He should have he he. He delivered the beating slow methodical away. He knows how to novi covered. Did a great job but yet lashley just looked like a bad ass in. He should've note no questions asked. So here's where. I kind of had a an issue. The raw women's championship in noah's not for what you think. It is rea- ripley taking on charlotte flair for the title. I feel like there was a huge augmented reality miss here. Y'all could do a three d. crown over her like seriously. She's the queen. You had a moment to make like this beautiful sparkling pretty reading crown that spins you can't have that she gets sparkles. I mean greta. She got fireworks. But that's a missed opportunity. There come on to the thing. Do the crown for charlotte. Just do it. I feel much better now. Thank you. This was what their mainly a moment match. This should have been there mania match. This is deprived of c. months ago. Whatever they did last month to them the america there was no noah you put them in front of the crowd. They delivered to this point. One shows gary look good to. They didn't have the crowd at the very beginning because the crowd wanted someone else Yeah they did and charlotte gave them the one fingered salute which freaked peacock out. No may or may not have late caused issues. So what happened was i went back and watch it on the replay for. She told the crowd suck it. And then the finger like you do and typical you know. And then the passion and the crowd got louder and they were chanting for someone. Like have channing. Then they won the crowd over from they went from. We walk becky to this is awesome. Yeah that's that's when two women go out there and have a hell of match or even two men go there. And i have a match where you turn the crowd who was not there for you to there for you and stole the show with a match they. They turn the crowd around big props to the women they deliver. How so good. This is what we should have had sixteen months ago in tampa in front of the big audience. Honestly though i don't know if they told the story sixteen months ago we should have had it. But like what i loved about this match was. It was really the story of charlotte. And how far is she willing to go to get the title. Like what is she willing to sacrifice in herself for her morals encircles to get what she wants. That will end. What is ria willing to do to keep it van report charlotte's in tears. She couldn't keep rea- down. She's throwing her best. She's throwing everything she can't rea- and it's not enough like ria. Is that much on charlotte's level that nothing charlotte throws at her works it. She keeps kicking out because ria is desperate to hold onto that title desperate to defeat charlotte desperate to prove herself and she proved herself. No questions asked but yet this was a really great story between these two women and in the end the finish to this match so before it was a natural sexual Then isn't that when she started crying. I think yes. She hit natural selection off the top rope. On rear ripley in rea- kick out to in charlotte started crying and she's like what the hell else do. I have to do. How how do i do this. How do i beat her. And then charlotte's like i'm going to have to break something namely her knee. So she drags riyadh over to the ring steps shoves were foot in between the ring steps in the pillar gives it several really good hard kicks which messes up raise leg. She go charlotte than taser to the middle of the ring puts her in the figure. Eight rea- struggles hold on. She grits her teeth. She's trying to stand the pain she's trying strike to try. She can't do it. She taps out and in the end. Charlotte flare is your new raw women's champion one thing africa. Who tweeted shouldn't have been this qualification when she use steps. What did she do. What did she actually do. She kicked them. That's the d q now are we adding. She didn't physically pick them up. So let's go back. How many times do people irish with people into the steps is that that more vicious Actually physically sending them into the thing. You're physically using other weapon of destruction. So every madge mic fully ever had and wwe where he goes knee. I they've all should have been accused. That right i mean mic would elected because he will stop doing. It wouldn't have been east but right it's not the q. Were too soft anyway. This was actually charlotte. One people groaned people grow onto their own again on the sunday. Show tim stein. Groaning about it like you have to watch story play out. It's what story played out. Twenty four hours later with a new route women's champion..

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