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We're in really good shape here on the D. J. V program. And might I say that I'm talking about our minds as well as our bodies, so the mind moving into the fast forward gear here and trending There are some things that I find. I actually was taken back. I saw this for the first time on our trending list. Jay, this Idris Elba thing with the BBC, saying through their diversity chief that he's not black enough. Why not? Yes. So the listening there is a BBC show. The Syrians ran from 2010 to 2019 and the BBC's diversity. Chief Miranda Weyland, who is the black woman said that it's just Luther. The character was an authentic enough because he didn't have any black friends. He doesn't eat any Caribbean food. Oh, my God. And and this is coming from the diversity chief. And I mean that is the character meaning like the writing she felt was not The way the character was written. He wasn't black enough. That's what she was saying. Get her direct quote doesn't have any black friends and he doesn't eat any Caribbean food. This doesn't feel authentic. I believe he was You just go shut up and go away. My God. There's so one of the people on Twitter and some of the other social media saying about this, The reaction to it at the Bembridge says So. Luther wasn't diverse because he wasn't a stereotype question, Mark Calvin Robinson said. Yes, it was implied. I'm not black enough because I don't have any black friends in my photos. And now today, BBC's diversity chief says, I just Elvis Luther isn't black enough because he doesn't have any black friends. He's lazy. Stereotypes are racist. They are I agree with that statement. 100% completely racist. Just be allowed to perish. Hey! All right, So there are other comments. You can see him. You can read him. At D. J. V show. What's the story of his body that was found in the Mississippi River? Yeah, This is just heartbreaking. So Corey Gauthier, Louisiana State University freshman. She was reported missing a week ago. Officials found her body in the Mississippi River. She was last seen alive heading toward to her dorm room on campus, and her car was found abandoned. Still running her phone, her purse everything inside it on the I 10 Mississippi Bridge in Baton Rouge. The car had been in an accident and there is no foul play Suspected Really well and in that same sort of in that drift. Remember the disappearance of Kristen Smart, It goes back to what 1996 or something like that. It's got to be trending. A lot of people are interested in her fate, which seems to have now resurfaced because they figured out she was killed. That right her. How did they figure out without a body? How they figure it out? I think now they found the body. This was a cold case, and it turns out this this 19 year old at the time, tried to accost her. Raper. They say attempted rape. They didn't find the body Didn't there today. I I think that they might have waiting for confirmation. But I think that there was something that was like some evidence of remains. Obviously, you're not going to find a body. Now after. Yeah, right. Yeah. So they this kid 19 not kid. But a predator 19 year old obviously tries to rape her and murders her and then his father helped him hide the evidence and both of them have been arrested. The father of the person who was responsible father. The guy? Yeah, but the interesting thing about this is that you know, we've been talking about like a lot of true crime podcast have led to so many arrests and breakthroughs in cases. This is yet another example. The your own backyard. True crime podcast that the county sheriff said without the podcast. They may not have ever been arrested. These people really interesting how influential some of this stuff is now people would pay. I don't. I've never listen to a podcast other than my own in my life. Awesome. Well, have a J. Do you listen to podcasts? Occasionally. Yeah, well, what? What's the focus of the broadcast, But he was not only listen. Togut Pod. What's the name of your podcast? Yeah, Okay. Jen clearly doesn't listen to me alone Beauty pop. Beautiful. That was closed. Got we ever get your beauty pop. It really gets your possible 20 toilet paper's eight past the hour. Hi. I'm Warren Eckstein with today's Pettitte. Hey, chew on this, You know puppies go through a teething stage, just a human babies deal and like a human baby, a puppy's first set of tiny sharp teeth or temporary at approximately four months of age, his permanent teeth start cutting through his gums, causing swelling inflammation. And, of course, pain. The puppy will chew on virtually anything. Get ahold of in order to relieve his pain. Including you. Now, if it was a human child, people would run to the drugstore, and they get a frozen teabing ring for the child to play with when I'm not recommending a frozen teaching me, But here's where I am recommending. What I'd like you to do is take some of the dog's favorite toys. Get those puppy toys. Put them in the freezer. Put a little cheese was on him a little. Drop a peanut butter for flavor. Keep those in the freezer. And when the dog is really, really Mountie when the dog's mouth seems to really hurt him, give him one of the frozen toys to play with it works on the same principle is a frozen TV ring. It will help sue the gums and make the dog feel a whole lot better when he's teething, and you know what Chances are you have both pass your shoes when you go to put them on Omar. Next time, everybody J. Foreigner here, CEO of rocket mortgage and rocket companies. Last year we saw historically low mortgage interest rates. 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