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I'm not sure I find out, but she the the jewelry line that she developed is stunning. It is. But she's so busy. I yeah. Now, have you ever seen to read out at a party or at a restaurant, and it'd be uncomfortable? No. Because honestly, I don't hold a grudge like will hold a grudge against you know. No. I mean, you know, at the end of the day. You know, I she's not someone that I'm ever going to be best friends with right, but life is too damn short. But I mean, it does it does say a lot. She's one of those people you get the housewives, you know, the people that have been in TV or come some from some fame likely, so Renna and and Kyle Richards, which I think Kyle has handled the whole thing great because she was a child star most down to earth person went you know, she came into my podcasts alone. Stay two hours. Like, you know, she just knows what it's like the different aspects. Then you get someone that has always wanted to be famous, and but really has done nothing to do it. They weren't a struggling actress they weren't. And it gets given to them on a silver platter? And those the people that are the most difficult and have this inflated idea of what their real position in this world is one listen, I, you know, again, I don't know if I should say this. But. Let's be real. If if debris had said, oh, I love it. It's fantastic. It's the best photo shoot. Ever. I would have been on one episode. The magazine got spoken about time and time and time again. So I was like should send her flowers. Like if she wasn't she acted like this. I we wouldn't be talking about it right now. Right. It would be everything. But that so, you know, the the the silver lining her exit. I. I think it's fake. I mean, of course, it is. She's connecticut. I know. But I mean, I listen to. But I think she does talk like that all the time. I think she's one of those people that picked it up being around PK. And I think that is her voice. I don't think all of a sudden if she wasn't on camera. She'd be like how I just think. Yes, I will say that every time I see her. It's very consistently. Yeah. She's just I think some people pick up an accent. I think some people lose an accent. And then if people that come here from the Bronx eighty years ago, and they've been living in LA for you know, and they still sound like they just got off the subway. So it's like, let's have coffee talk about. Yeah. I think that some people lose it and some people one I'm paying million though. So in the sense, like if I'm talking to like, a Jewish mother, I'll go volts, let's talk, and I like I tend to get into that Jewish if I'm talking to someone from Minnesota. I'm like all gosh that Brooke Burke, and she's a neat neat gal. Yeah. Just kind of I become a chameleon. So I could see how that can happen. Yes. But there's no way that was her accent from the gecko remember when Madonna had an English accent anymore. She's weird now. But I you know, where she was like an Indian cowboy and then she went to London when she was with guy Ritchie. That's when she came English. And now that she's here now, she just talks in this other weird voice. But it Lindsay Lohan has this weird accent? Now that accent. It's it's she's like, how do you say? What do you mean? How do you say you, speak English because? Wreck so long I'm going to show about that's how her like her trailer starts, I think she's just I think that's what it. That one I wanted to marry her what she's chasing the family. Oh my gosh. Come here. Little boy. You can come with me. I'm safe.

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