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So so shocked see actually also then is able to give us a very wide insights into playing itself. I also offer Red Sox's report on the Bubonic plague. And now this is a very interesting primary source as I tell my students or an archive of source and it's called report on Bluebonnet plague and he writes his report and based on observations of nine thirty nine cases, right and he is tested 939 cases off. Plague and he writes his report based on observations of all those cases and so it's when he's working at this hospital that he gets the deepest of insights wage how costs works and so he talks about how the medical regime who was one that prompted upper-class especially to act out and to constantly from the throughout suffering relatives or abandon them and because they were so scared of course defilement and he seems to suggest wage in this report that this is unprecedented that the the fevered pitch at which Indians were attempting to conceal them or you know, or thwart any kind of cost defilement he seems to suggest that it is unprecedented compared to other diseases. And so this also tells you a little bit about how he thought that song Plague measures of particularly excessive earlier when you were talking about border management and unlimited powers of the state. So it sounds like definitely the time the state was exerting a lot of power and Indians did not trust the state and we're trying to hide the disease..

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