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Mvp glaser in and neighbouring that's phenomenal in terms of super bowl fifty two ryan eagle fans for me absolutely the horse race in america i feel like if they quench their thirst for immortality with the super bowl maybe they'll stop being so tough and gross other the sentimental favorite would he agree r a d d is there any part of be this poll for the eagles i don't know shuttle metal i mean most people like our have the opinion as you do you know a friend of mine there philadelphia rooting for the viking didn't he just could not have said more poor things about after the game so i mean i don't know if they're the sentimental favourite in uh the sentimental favourite in philadelphia anywhere else people are this is this is almost maybe like the two thousand sixteen presidential election you know what's the better to evil type of lay to look at it and uh uh i'm not gonna bet against tom brady and bill bellichik i mean they've proven time after time the plane in their eighth super bowl on sixteen years i got you know i got them doing the same thing they've done nearing you're out i have new england winning twenty eight twenty seven against philadelphia incredible marriott malarkey had no shot messing with benevolent bill and brady marrone immortal same thing they did a 10point lead going into the fourth or shortly after the fourth began and just couldn't and then just tom does what tom does all is tom brady gonna play till he's 45 ryan what do you think man this guy's insane yeah i mean it i have a me hey if they win at all yeah um this year he may write off into the sunset it just i just kind of have that feeling there just.

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