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Early on that the ways we were living all odds waste all living all odds. And that's the culture was ill. I think another major moment is a wish about eight years old. See yep six nine years old and there was a weekly reader that we got in school and the weekly reader had a picture of the atom on and now it's kingdom nine hundred forty five so I knew that this was not see hope of future. I must must've known about the bomb must've known about the camps and in In the other hand which is a novel that that that are are wrote it. Just the to cohen's koa s of the twentieth century with champs and the bomb And that novel circulates around those two-concert what kinds of mind would create so to horrors. Yes and i think that we in the west have not taken responsibility get fit the ball or the camps everywhere yeah yeah under recreating them in our own loans. And so i live with that. That's the flavor of my mind and heart. Your father must have beaten extraordinary man to speak to his three year old. Who has seen the vision of spirit at the foot of her crib. And say that's my mother. And the world i grew up in i would have been told i was imagining it. No my father was a capitalist and he actually had family in london and the family was very psychic. I think he was trying to reassure me to work. Well i wasn't afraid. Okay and have you worked with that entity. Since i don't work with entities i have a sense of a spiritual universe and invite the spirits and i know people work with entities. I haven't but that's a wonderful idea. Manda she might have become the guiding light of your life. I don't i mean that was genuinely open question. I didn't know the answer. So i was trying to frame it in a way that kept. It kept it open. Lbj doubtless she would would be there so that again. He's given me a gift. You are kind and keep all righty so even in those bits of opening there are so many routes that we could take so we've explored childhood. Where did you grow up. You have an accent that i probably ought to build place as a kind of east coast american. I think east coast. I lived in a tiny neighborhood right next to coney island coney island in brooklyn which has a certain rights where to it. So i like to say. I come from coney island enough to real scary place. Yeah unquote urban. I'm imagining wealth was a peninsula and i could walk. It was surrounded by water on three sides. It was a little suburban area. But i would take the you know the trolley each of the trains of the city. I a do that And until i moved to california. I would walk through manhattan and say how could i be so lucky to be born here. Look up and skyscrapers and concrete and then nevada. How far can i get from the centers of power in order to have a substantial wife and that what california was in my mind and have you found the substantial life. Do you think well..

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