Temporal Lobe, Eighteen Year, Seven Years discussed on Parenting Great Kids with Dr. Meg Meeker


In the past even though i would tell you that technology can be great we didn't have those types of technology and in today's day and age kids are bombarded unfortunately from a very early age not only by tv but over stimulating things on the internet and that can cause anxiety and get our brain going in unhealthy ways and then i guess finally there's been kind of the breakdown of our family unit and it is more common or as common for parents to be singleparents then they are to be to parents raising a child and that's really stressful for a families ussl and i think all those things have contributed so we're really having these little people three years old seven years old 15 years old i still consider an eighteen year old a little person reading their me they may be bigger than i am but they're still little we're having these wonderfully sensitive lovely people who but it sounds like you're saying are constantly stressed by incoming stimulation that their body assertive responding with fear in a way and they really just don't know how to cope with that is that fair to say it's absolutely fair to say mug you know unfortunately our environment is overwhelming at times and stressful that along with genetic loading kind of us a final common pathway of us presenting with anxiety symptoms and it's kind of on a technical way of describing it our amid dilemma is that area in the deep part of our temporal lobe that is that fighter flight response and now it's hijacked if you will the logical parts of our brain are orbital frontal cortex that front parts of our brain that is logical thinking organization planning time management working memory.

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